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Thanks a bunch, Tsuki-chan!

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very sick editing job well done to the team
not that big fan of the story or the couple though

TheLubeTube Uploader
Me-A Scans
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Honestly me neither which is why it took me 9 whole goddamn months

joined Oct 10, 2018

Woah, that was really good... love the themes, the art, it's all hot

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Gosh that discord convo gave me a good laugh

joined Jul 23, 2020

never thought someone would talk that much while doing it tho-

anyway, love girls with tats

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with the amount she's smoking, her girl gonna have to look for a new partner in a few years. her stamina is gonna be in the drain.

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smoking lesbians are underrated, time for a comeback

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When you like the art, the tropes, and even the plot, but sex is too much it makes all go to waste. Welp.

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my grandma died from lung cancer a week ago.

don't smoke, kids.

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Mixed feelings about that one

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Seriously folks, don’t smoke.

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shockingly normal for a harumachi tsurara

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i want this so bad </3

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Gosh that discord convo gave me a good laugh

I know right, what kind of friend is top-left anyways. XD

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"The art is great, but I can't see things ending well for these two."
Smoking is Bad kids

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Better to be a sex addict than a smoke addict.

On another note, the artist has been quite tame lately huh. Not that I mind, but I kinda miss the old themes like the lesbian succubi tournament arc.

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you were just like me, livin’ so un-healthy,/

but who’s to judge, the right from wrong/

when our guard is down, I think we’ll both agree/

that viiiiii’lence breeds viiiii’lence./

but in the end, we get pu-ssy this waaaaay!

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The editing work is absolutely incredible.
And the manga well deserves it. ♡

We need more stories like this one, to make people realize that Liz from Liberty and Kaoru from VE are not so bad after all.

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Saw the artstyle and my immediate thought was "oh shit here we go again". Not as bad as the other times though lmao. Also amazing job typesetting and cleaning, SFX is really hard!

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Suddenly I want to try to put out a cigarette with my tongue

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Suddenly I want to try to put out a cigarette with my tongue

... it hurts

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Suddenly I want to try to put out a cigarette with my tongue

Might sound fun but really you don't lol. Had one put out on my neck and it was already unbearable, tongue must be atrocious

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Jesus, the character description for the freeloader at the end.

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Smoke if you want, or not, but the whole "she's scum, but I let her do me" was an entertaining read but I dunno if I liked it.

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