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Asa-senpai, that's what I also was thinking about all the way, you're right on Gaku pulling a Madoka by becoming a nameless concept that cannot be percieved or remembered by anyone but one person, whose recollection of her being this particular human allows her to "invite" Gaku in her realm and interact with her, just like Rebellion!Homu. And if Urobuchi hasn't read this, that'd be just a coincidence, but that one of a greatest scale among literary coincidences of al time.
Moreover, what has been possessing my thoughts also is how this manga is not as much a quantum mechanic-inspired science fiction, as a philosophical study researching the concept of self. As in, self-ness, or Ichkeit, as Hiedegger called it. Thus, Manabu is most probably the Existenz that realised its Ichkeit, transcended the Sein ( being) but could not transcend other existences, as they all realize their own selfness through percieving Sein - and each's perception differs from the others, thus they are unique and on top of that parallel existences.
Aside from existentialism, this manga touches upon the problems researched by (post) structuralistic works, by trying to define the nature of individual perceptions of reality, but instead of tying it with language realm, explains it through physics.

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I bet Manabu wouldn't be able to change into Chinatsu from Yuru Yuri, you know with those drawings that are beautiful in her eyes only, that's another qualia isn't?

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The Omakes have shown up on other readers.

They're hilarious.

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there's still the extra chapters and yukari's love letter to gaku left. but with the chapter 18 translation, the main story is completed.

I'm extremely interested on the spoilered part.

yes pleaSE. Though I am a little sad that Alice and Gaku won't be a thing. Maybe Nanami and Alice can become a couple instead :D

the spoilered part is found at the very end of volume three. it was translated about a year ago by an /a/non named Inon. i saved the translation just in case. i can post it here if people are interested. just know that it is a very rough translation. might be better to wait and see if the people translating on /a/ right now decide to translate it along with the extras.

PLEASE post the spoilered thing! I am very interested!!

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the SA forums version of Ch 17 is done

I believe the translation is better here.

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So... there will be a chapter 18, right?

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holy shiiiit xD ok, damn, like, man, fangirlin'

First of all, I kind of prefered Manabu with the spiky hair xD but I got used to her new one tho

Second, even though I root for Yukari x Manabu... I effing love adult Manabu x Alice like hawt damn, I like it... LOVE IT! <3 ah...shet... :3

Third, dammit, even though its only a kiss between Yukari and still da best... like the gaaaaaaaayness of that...pfffft.... xD

Fourth, it'd be cool if they turn this into an anime :v gawd, just the imaginations

Man, so one more then it's done huh.... man, I want a copy >_< dammit, when you wish you knew japanese :v

Also, chapter 16, Alice loves Manabu so much that she searches for a way to find what happened to Manabu <3 lol, too much....

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And ch18 is out. I really hope someone does an anime of this at some point.

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Masterpiece, 10/10, Thumbs up, Genius, One of a Kind !!

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Alright after this chapter I now ship Tengou and Alice.

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Now I am happy.... Oh that letter.
I wanted a second real kiss

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clapping this was such a unique and engaging story...I almost hate to see it end, but that kiss and confession at the end ^_^ and of course im all for an attempted anime release tho I do wonder how theyd go about conveying the physics, and I worry, that if they dumb it down or breeze over that part?
But serious, its over? Already!!? Lol

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wow, didn't have to wait much for the ending...glad that I decided to read this in one go today! but man, I wish she could have at least kept them memories! it'd be awesome (just cuz I don't want her to forget a certain memory) Overall I really like the story, it was different from usual, nice to see different stuff once in a while, though (in my opinion) there could have been more yuriness :p BUT hah, I'm still satisfied! especially with the the mature Manabu x Alice ;p *sigh <3 man, this is bad... i'm heading more towards them two now instead of Yukari...ahahahah, I blame mature Manabu and Alice :3

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So I never really understood much of this series. I would like to say I was able to grasp a basic understanding of some the concepts and theories put forth here, but I can't say that with with any certainty. I feel I may have gleamed just enough to find the story engaging though. That said I love that a romance comic with "magical gunpla" is trying to have a conversation about quantum theory with it's audience.

Now I could be wrong but does anyone else think the "magical gunpla" are an extension of Gaku's will and love for Yukari. Also that the reason Yukari sees everyone as "robots" is due to her feeling the love of Gaku that fills the "universe". In effect making Yukari and Gaku the cause and effect for one another, thus somehow their love for each is infinite by one causing the other forever. And that maybe the reason Gaku could never find a good universe is due to the fact she interrupted the causation of their love thus causing the introduction of chaos into her existence .

You know if I approach this series in terms of free will and determinism it makes more sense for me. But even then I could be misusing and misrepresenting terms. Either way I think I end being a sophomoric jackass.

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where is Chrom and Robin when you need them there the best at changing fate.

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Yuri ending! I don't care about the rest.

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Well, I don't what the hell

Yukari and Gaku did end together...



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Did Yukari still died ? Or I didn't understood that letter ?

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I have no fucking idea what just happened.

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I think the letter bit was written by chapter 17's Yukari. You can probably keep it seperate from the actual epilogue.

Also there's two extra chapters from vol. 2 up on Batoto. Dunno when Dynasty's planning on adding them, tho.

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Did Yukari still died ? Or I didn't understood that letter ?

Whether or not Yukari dies isn't really discussed. We just get to see the letter that she wrote to Gaku-chan just in case she did die. (or rather that's at least what I interpreted it as).

But man, I love the wrench that they throw in about how Gaku might be the "god" of the world and that Yukari's power was created from it in both creation and response. I thought it was super cool. It reminds me of an old internet religion theory called The Egg and also reminds me of Madoka in other ways. How Homura ended up making Madoka so important. It was a very nice way to end it that really solidly reflected the rest of this mindboggling series hahaha

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Huhhh. Probably would have been more coherent with a better translation, but I don't know by how much. Least it admitted to this being about love

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Well.. I guess I'm glad I found this series when I did, having never read it at all before I got to read it to the end!

It was certainly something. I have to say, although I of course love Yukari and Gaku being together, i did have a soft spot for Gaku and Alice's "relationship". Or at least the one that finally worked out in a way. Gaku loved and lost so many times, it is nice that she can't remember. This was such a strange little series but.. really touching too in a weird way.

It's easy to compare to Madoka's story in a way that Gaku and Homura were both obsessed to the point of insanity, but Gaku lucked out in her case, things worked out for her and although utterly confusing at times, i'm glad for the ending we got.

I'll definitely go on believing the final picture on the second to last page is canon too. uvu/ happy end.

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Since some of the people here haven't read Chapter 18, the spoiler tagged stuff below has some Chapter 18 spoilers:

In Yukari's love letter, Yukari mentions that her unique perception of the world was due to the fact that Gaku loved her and only her. However, Alice is also similar to Yukari and although Gaku didn't care for Alice as much as Yukari, it is still quite clear that she cared for Alice. Could Alice's abilities also be caused by the exact same thing? TL;DR, Harem End confirmed?

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i don't see the letter at the end like an explanation, but in there there's something i really liked: when she said that she don't want gaku to read that, but she want gaku to read the letter.
in life there are a lot of normal things that exclude others, and you can have one or the other,
if you want both, you have to wait the life after life some religions believe, or you need to make do with dreams or sci-fi.

and it's coherent that there isn't a real explanation to the abilities of the purple-eyes persons, they are so absurd (not even in bleach there are abilities like those) that every possible reason would ruin all the story (the apple and the screw were beatifull),
the meaning that i, personally, see in this story is that there are things that you can only accept, and if you can't, you need to have faith, and not in some gods, but in people.

however, after reading the long awaited last ch. of saki, i realized for the first time : gaku X marii = hisa X mihoko

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