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Wait, what the hell!?
I mean... Wow, are all of you ready for more exciting LC content from the only goddamn TL in this fandom layabout where's arioto Greatest Yuri TS named Mia "Me-A" Meta to ever do it?

I was a bit surprised by the fact it was uploaded, but here it is. Canonically the employees are genderless / up to player's interpretation, so I guess you could read this as yuri... sure is angsty enough to read as yuri anyway

Regardless, I am not the artist and if they didn't find their genders important, I find no point in bringing it up in english. Many thanks to them in being cooperative in getting this done!

You can find their version here, this version on twitter here, and my street corner where I E-Panhandle here.

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i had to read this like 4 times to get what was going on but it was very good
happy birthday nico

prince anime signature very cool

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I don't think I have enough knowledge of Lobotomy corp to understand this.

looking up the wiki also didn't really help

It looks amazing. I just feel like there's something I'm not getting

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I didn't know this game was this dark

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well, game is about "containing" monsters and others anomalies and interact with them to generate power. (inevitably) mess it up and your workers goes insane while the creature rampages, killing each other or themselves.

So yeah, it's pretty dark :p

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fucked up that Lobotomy Corporation has dark tones

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