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joined Aug 17, 2020

I thought it was gonna be angsty. Ngl they got me in the first half. I miss this ship so much.

joined Jun 10, 2019

I’m sure I’ve seen this before? This version makes a whole lotta sense though

joined May 11, 2015

this is lovely

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joined May 1, 2018

So they finally released the non-april fools version, huh? Honestly the april fools joke made me actually laugh, and for those who haven't read it, you should. Although, it is NSFW. I believe it's called "My Pussy and Me".

joined Jul 2, 2018

Ah the pussy book, very nice

joined Apr 8, 2021

Glad to see this finally got a proper translation, very cute. I thought it was kind of disrespectful to the artist to make a complete farce out of their comic.

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