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joined Feb 3, 2013

Hey man you reap what you sow.

joined Jan 31, 2013

I totally saw that coming...

joined Feb 17, 2013

Lol- thats funny- serves him right for turning her on to girls.

joined Mar 30, 2015

Masaki's exploitation messed him up big time.

joined Sep 22, 2014

A happy ending!

joined Apr 28, 2016

Brother's consciousness transferred into sister's body. Proceeds to masturbate.

Not sure if incest.

joined Sep 6, 2016

Damn, son, talk about shooting your own foot.

If only he could have controlled himself.

joined Sep 8, 2016

Didn't know how I felt about this, but that ending made this all amazing. Proper karma if I ever saw it. XD

joined Sep 18, 2017

They've made a hentai episode on this! It's called "Body Jack".

joined Nov 26, 2017

I have read this story but I can't remember it anymore.

joined Jun 2, 2019

Congratulations! you played yourself.

joined Feb 11, 2022

kinda messed up honestly , I mean what kind of brother looks up at his sister that way
also the athor's style of drawing faces is so wack

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