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Hello all, for Pride Month, we're running a charity drive to benefit The Trevor Project; an organization focused on providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth. And you could win some prizes if you do!

You can find our fundraising page here

If you're unaware of why we're doing this, allow me to paraphrase what I said there a bit.

For as long as I've been around at dynasty-scans, we've never asked for or taken donations from readers. And that's not going to change, but we are very open to the idea of asking you to donate to great charitable causes.

Very often LGBTQ youth find our site and grow to find comfort in being able to read stories that relate to them, give them inspiration or goals, or simply make them happy to see that people like them can find love (most of the time).

While the works on our site can give a boost, sometimes LGBTQ youth need much much more to face the real world they live in. That's where The Trevor Project can help, providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services when people are in their darkest hours.

We hope that if you have the means, you'll think of supporting our campaign here to provide some funds to these important services. Since we recognize that the scope of The Trevor Project is limited to North America, we also encourage people to seek out more localized organizations to donate to in their part of the world. Here are some other organizations that we looked at that people feel deserve some support as well if you have the means.

Trans Lifeline (NA) -
Offers a grassroots hotline and minor financial assistance to trans people in crisis

Center for Black Equality (Global) -
Works to achieve equality and social justice for Black LGBTQIA+ communities

Mermaids (UK) -
Supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse youth and their families

MindOut (UK) -
A mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer people

Okra Project (US) -
A collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People

Kaleidoscope Trust (UK) -
Focused on fighting for the human rights of LGBT+ people across the Commonwealth

Like I say on the page itself, sharing the campaign is hugely important, so if y'all could share it even if you're unable to contribute financially, it would still be a great help! If you can do so while also contributing, that's even better.

On the goal, we tried to keep it somewhat realistic considering we've never tried to run anything this organized in the past, but am hopeful we'll be able to reach it in a month. We're still working on details, but we are looking to offer a sweepstakes if we're able to complete our goal. (Something like art books or manga) Just so you know, every $5usd donated will be considered 1 prize entry. (so $15usd is 3 entries for example). You also have to at least give your email to be entered. Anonymous donations can't be tracked, sorry.

If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please feel free to ask here or on our Discord in the #charity-drive channel.

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for running this! it means a lot to see how much the dynasty admins care about trans and queer folk.

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wow, thank you guys. I was suprised to see an announcement up and then I was pleasantly suprised to see it was for charity.

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this is so fucking amazing :)
sharing it rn

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Many thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far, you folks are awesome!

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Three trans-specific charities but not a single lesbian-specific charity...?

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Just noticed this. 4k+ already? What freaking chads y'all are! That's a calliope reference for those who don't get it btw. gotta love joke explaining

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Three trans-specific charities but not a single lesbian-specific charity...?

Oh boy, here comes the TERFs.

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Happy pride! I’m impressed we’ve already raised so much money in just a couple of days, good job everyone

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Sharing the links〜 I, too, was one of the young lgbt teens who discovered this site at 14. I really did find comfort reading the many sfw doujins here. It's awesome that so much money is being raise ^^

Blazing CobaltX
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This is beautiful, thanks for the initiative.

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Love that you guys are doing even more for the community, will be sharing the links~

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Thanks for the support everyone!! The campaign has managed to pass $5000 which I thought was a lofty goal when we were planning things. Would love to see how far we can go!

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Thank you for running this fundraiser and for sharing links to other charities.

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I have always had a love-hate relationship with sites that only publish Yaoi / Yuri content (because the fetishization of LGBT couples) and I have read so many beautiful stories for many years on this site that they helped me get to know myself better and knowing that you all are doing this project it really makes me happy and I'm really grateful to all the people behind Dynasty Reader.
Happy pride!

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This is awesome. <3 Dynasty!

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Wow we’re almost at 7k

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I just realize if Dynasty Reader is yuri website

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very cool, thank youu

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We passed 8k!

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dang, i thought this website was pretty dead, good going everyone! and staff, thanks for hosting this, nice to get some representation :3

Happy (late) Pride!

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Still inching up on the donation meter. Looks like we might hit 9k soon

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Like manga

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many congratulations on reaching 9k I hope you continue to climb.

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[link removed] about mermaids...

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