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wow, is this series completed yet uwu

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Chicken chicken chicken chicken

joined Nov 19, 2020

omg its back yesssssssssssss

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surely tnese two will end up together right?
also it sounds horrible to hide your eating habits from your dates to appear ladylike. i would think the japanese have heard of gap moe? /s

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Please sir, I'd like some moar.

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Lies! Expertly fried chicken is transcendent.

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Nagisa is 'The Architect'?!

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Man, social conditioning reeeaaaally does a number on people. Also, how do you mess up porridge?

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Wow, the story’s tittle left me strong impression!

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Oh fuck, my "they gay" alarm is going off!

They gay!!

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Oooh, nice, another installment, and yet another idea what I should cook sometimes. Never even had rice porridge, despite seeing it all the time in Manga and Anime.

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i love the angsty romance in this one, they are so slow

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It returns.

Fried chicken isn’t medicine but it should be.

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The hamburger slide in the first chapter is very real

joined Mar 29, 2021

frick... I really wish the chapters were more frequent q-q

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How do you fuck up porridge without being utterly brain dead.

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How do you fuck up porridge without being utterly brain dead.

Some people manage to burn water in a pot so it's more common than you think

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Wish more women in my life turned out bisexual. Sigh.

joined Jun 10, 2019

How did I not find this sooner?! My god these 2 are so great- especially nice having a chapter focusing solely on just them and not some scummy guys!

joined Mar 17, 2015

Now this was a fun little read, thanks knight heron for the scanlation so far. Its not the most amazing or cool maga out there, but i do hope the second volume gets picked in the future.

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Damn. I just started reading this story today and was really getting into it. Sad to hear that it was dropped. But thanks as always for translating Knight Heron!

Was the ending really bad or something?

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I only want to comment that I always love knight heron's credit pages, they are the greatest!
I really enjoy the extra info in the credits.
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This kind of story is just... Sigh A Lesbian to be doing her hetero duty for nothing. Struggling with her feeling for her hetero roommate / best friend for nothing. The story would be better if it was only focusing on the relationship between the two women. But all this marriage shit and 'I wanna be more feminine and get a boyfriend'... Just some tiring.

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I am kinda curious how this will proceed but I'm thankful for the work Knight Heron put in for now. Loving the info on the dishes!

I'm willing to suspend some judgment for how they're sticking to the hetero duty thing since it's still pretty relevant for Japan.

More than that though, I do feel like there's a deeper issue with Nagisa at least and that's why they're still stuck. Seiko doesn't realize the issue yet so she turns away. Though in the latest update, it looked like she finally wanted to take the plunge.

It seems like Nagisa wants to present as feminine but struggles with it because of her natural bishonen features. I guess it's still possible that she wants to be more feminine to align with society but I feel like she was uncomfortable with her classmates imposing the "Prince" archetype on her at the very least. Perhaps the best path is for her to present as gender fluid or non-binary.

She was also clearly neglected and so she ends up seeking approval from these toxic BFs who keep her hooked via gaslighting. She got baited by the smallest acknowledgement of the part of her that felt unseen by society.

Seiko is her safe haven but she hasn't considered it due to the impact of her dates with women being treated like a phase. If it were just that, it'd be easier to overcome but really it's all these toxic people that she grew up with that's making the trauma harder to climb out of.

Seiko's case is a bit lighter so I think she needs to make the first move. I do understand her a bit as well because everytime she considers making a move, Nagisa is preoccupied with these toxic exes. Because they're so different from her, she ends up thinking she's not even close to Nagisa's type.

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It says dropped but a new chapter was just added, I don't get it.

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