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“So we agree—the most important thing in our lives is the two of us being together.”


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I think they were trying to tell something to us and each other. So subtly too.

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Sharing shoes? That's like...indirect footsie, no?

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I’ve definitely done this a few times. Except I just feel empty because there’s no one to laugh about it with

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So after Shima saying that it's best to have the one you love give you a piercing, Ise wants Shima to give her one? Nothing to see here, folks. Total subtext.


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This ends in Chapter 21? ;(.

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Frankly I don't think this is subtext anymore.

I fell outta reading this cause it didn't quite capture me, and subtext usually makes me kinda sad (GIMME DAT GAY SHIT), but this was quite cute anyway =w=

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Oh fuck you for making me and making them cry for nothing. And the solution is obviously a single bedroom apartment.

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Someone should be found to throw hotdogs at the mangaka and publisher until these two are brought back.

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Friends forever

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(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

This and Goodbye Distopia both ending on the same day and both doing so open-endedly!

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I thought Ch 21 was like a new volume or something cause of the cover and I was like "Alright, new apartment arc!"

And then it ends.

Damn it

Still, lovely lovely read. One of my favorite things.

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I mean it’s barely subtext anymore, but I guess they’re still trying to hold on to their illusions. Let’s be real though we know they’re gonna save money by getting a single bedroom.

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I didn’t expect to love this series so much when I first came across it a couple months ago. But the characters were just so charming that I just wanted to see more of their every day lives. I’m sad it’s over, but those 21 chapters we got were something special. I can definitely say this one is a new favourite of mine, and they definitely deserve that single bedroom

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Ah yes, now it's time to re-read it :)

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Gonna miss this one a lot, it also become one of my favorites, hope the author still makes art of them in their pixiv, wish them the best in whatever they do next~

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This is pure bliss. Thank you author and the translators.

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This was so good, I am die thank you forever

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Imo, both​ of​ them​ might​ be​ asexual.​ They​ enjoy​ spending​ time​ and​ living​ to​get​her, but​ there​ is​ no​sexual​ intercourse.​ Anyway, they​ are​ so​ cute​ together.

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Ah dang it why couldn't this have gone for 50 more chapters. Well, at least what we did get was all fantastic

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Aw. Too short! But I loved the journey we had. Thank you for translating this wonderful story!

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Don't tell me it's already over. It was good anyway

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And that's a wrap! Gosh I'm so sad that this series had to end here. Thanks for the doing this series guys!

But hey, the author still occasionally tweet some art of these two. It would be great if you guys could translate them too!

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