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well that was 19 chapters of nothing...glad I read that......

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Unconventional, I guess? Around chapter 10-13, I remember Tsukiko trying to get closer to Aya, or am I dumb? What was the point of the 'I'm staying' route if she... didn't really care enough? Why was Aya pressing but only to a certain point, and then she "didn't" care. I liked the story for what it was. Don't go into it expecting yuri, and by a certain chapter I already knew this was not going to end up with them paired up, but I also think it derailed to nothingness into chapter 12 or something. It was still fun, but I feel like all of Tsukiko's past and all of Aya's eagerness was left unresolved, which... I guess, maybe, was the point of it all? Either way, this wasn't bad, and I liked the unconventional route this took, though I do think this was contradictory at points, but I won't re-read it, not soon at the very least.

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This was a colossal waste of time.


Same here


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This is probably one of my favourite stories ever? If I had to describe it in a word, it'd be sublime, because every page, every image, every word appeals to the imagination, awakening and evoking depths as deep as the nights and seas it so lovingly serenades. It's not just beautiful in the process of reading, but also a story about beauty in every sense, about things that enchant us on levels far more fundamental or complex than notions like hobbies or goals or romance or destiny can describe. It's the kind of series that leaps to mind when you think of the word 'art', and its potential to stir the heart and express something profound about life, while still being unique to every person's experience. I'm sure I'll keep revisiting this beautiful tale for years to come.

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I'm sure I'll keep revisiting this beautiful tale for years to come.

and i just did


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Actually a story that focus on the characters' emotional conflict surrounding their relationship, without any unrealistic shallow drama, distracting atmosphere-breaking comedy, or tons of filler chapters without any real story progression.

And that one time something as good as this exist it's not even a proper full fledged yuri, what a shame. Still a good read overall tho

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I love this series. Regularly reread this to look at the art too. The way panels are framed is wonderful, especially how the artist uses them so fluidly to show distance and relationships between characters. I'd pay to see a artsy live-action adaptation of this. (And I guess an anime would be nice too, what with all the sea imagery.)

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