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The world just doesn't make much sense to me. If men are against women doing anything why are they even allowed to be adventurers?

Ya, this glaring bit of nonsense was the final dealbreaker to me.

nice reading comprehension. There is very much still a strong sentiment of "women can work, but they should only do so until they find husbands or need to have kids." that's every where???? That was what was being invoked. Willfully obtuse. Tons of romance manga does it, hell, The Office leaned into it.

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Yes, this is a trashy catharsis. But many popular ones (some even adepted into anime) of the same if not more trashiness don't attract nearly as much criticism with people digging 10 meters into the ground just to poke holes.

ONE chapter into this manga (same thing happened with the translated LN on the site it's posted) with misogynistic men, "critics" can't wait to jump into attack with "not all men", even throwing the word "feminism" around while any criticism against those popular ones for objectifying women is either brushed off as "taking it too serious" or "keep YOUR politics off MY mangas/animes/games".

Pick and choose which ones to "take serious" and poke holes, pick and choose which ones to be held up to master piece literature standards, pick and choose which ones to be less charitable. If it doesn't reveal intent, it certainly reveal bias.

people really be obsessed with arguing all their favorite semi-hentai manga are "literary masterpieces" that are "beyond the meagre ken of prudish normies [and their statutory rape laws]." lol

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Ngl this one looks absolutely hilarious and awesome. Can’t wait until more chapters come out! Also making every guy in the series comically sexiest is just a stupidly funny concept to me. Watching them get their asses kicked in the tournament is gonna be fantastic

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Yall s**** for arguing on every little shit on a manga. Lmfao in every forums here there's always the Saint trying to sanitize fiction to justify theirself. Pathetic.

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Is that an Utena Reference? THE SWORD? NO? Okay? Hahaha I love this shit

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I read those finishers like the Zero-One Driver's voice.

Edit: (After reading the comments) Holy shite!

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People complaining are dumb, go eat grass or something

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OrangePekoe posted:

Moderator Note

From here on, comments with little relevance to the manga posted thus far may be removed indiscriminately.

As an aside, regardless of one's views, it'd be best to not take this manga or other comments here too personally. Everyone here is here to have a good time. Thank you.

Bumping this. References to LN events that have not happened yet are also of "little relevance to the manga posted thus far." Thanks.

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Not read the LN, so am viewing this with a pair of fresh eyes. I look forward to seeing these two gals bond with bits of skinship thrown in from time to time.

I, being the incredibly biased and wholly lost person that I am...

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Bikinis are ALWAYS the últimate armor for women!!!

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Already chapter 2.1 when we haven't even get chapter 2 yet?

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Already chapter 2.1 when we haven't even get chapter 2 yet?

It just means this is the first half of chapter 2. If a chapter is uploaded in two parts it’s usually shown as 2.1 and 2.2

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I’m kinda curious about what happened in the last 300 years to change things from how our witch friend acts to now, also ugh not the bikini armor, go buy from the mens section or steal it if you have to.

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A sharp decline from the first to the second chapter, with over-the-top pandering.

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I can't wait for the tournament! I want to see them kick some ass together!

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Bikinis are ALWAYS the últimate armor for women!!!

Hehehe, in many fantasy universes, it's like that... and, funny thing is, one of the major important plot points in this series is precisely that it's not true! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Not read the LN, so am viewing this with a pair of fresh eyes.

For those who might want the novels, I'm bumping the post with the links:

For those who wanna read the light novel series: volumes 1 & 2 on MF:

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I find this series hilarious, and the cartoonishly over-the-top sexist dudes just add to it for me. It's a little bit of ham-fisted social commentary, sure, but it's also clearly not meant to be taken too seriously. The world could always use more parody on those obnoxious JRPG female character design/roles/tropes that have exhausted me so, so much over the years.

(I've got this weird suspicion that the people who don't find this stuff funny are men, but like, naw, that's crazy talk. What would men be doing getting up in arms about the male representation on a website that primarily hosts comics by, for, and about lesbians? Psh, yeah, couldn't be, couldn't be...)

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Hoh boy that armor… 300 years and THIS is what they constitute as Protection

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Just for the record, I'm a guy and I think this is pretty hilarious. Not one of the Great Works, but I don't bitch about that with manga as a rule, so I'm not about to start just because it's calling out sexism. Maybe the sexist jerks being pointed out don't bother me because I don't actually see myself in them . . . makes me wonder about the people it does bother.

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Another day being a sturdy supporter of lingerie armors i mean, admit it, its hilarious that such lack of clothes usually have better defense

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I love this shit >:3
I'm gonna read the LN now lol

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Why patriarchy exists? Because of the war. (not because "man hunts woman gathers" or "men are breadwinners" since in the old times every hand on deck are needed to survive, 19-20th century men breadwinner model is result of patriarchy not cause).
Why war is related to patriarchy? Because on average, male human has higher upper body strength which wield weapon.

But why fantasies with "magic" where magician exist in both gender still has patriarchy?
Author of LN tries to put justification for that in LN.

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Based on what I've seen so far, I would guess that sometime in the past some guy who got rejected or dumped by a girl he liked decided to start hating women, and ended up in a position of power where he systematically suppressed the idea of strong females and pushed them all into subservient stereotypes.

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"Me and a legendary witch" isn't proper English.

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