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I love it. I don't project real-life situations in these type of stories, I read it as it is. Nice break from fluff and wholesome stuffs. And I also love Mikanuji's artstyle.

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I was expecting worse from the tags and comments, but that was okayish. It helps that it ended on a slightly optimistic note, I guess. Still not my cuppa tea.

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I dont get why everyone expects manga to not have toxic relationships. I dont think this story is particularly romantic or healthy at and but I was never under the impression that it was supposed to be. The point of even writing relationship dynamics is to explore them to its fullest capacity. The more toxic they, sometimes the more interesting. We shouldn't just expect people to be perfect and always make the right decisions. Some people are deeply flawed and super shitty, it's okay to explore those characters. I just hope nobody gets the idea that this is somehow romantic and healthy because obviously it's not.

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from enemies to lovers

people love to fetishize toxic relationships/things all the time (especially in the anime/manga community), no biggie unless you're letting it directly effect you or someone else in my opinion. but most important of all, that was fucking hawt.

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I liked it, it hit all the levels of fucked up that I like. I don't think you're supposed to like the protagonists, in any kind of toxic relationship like this they're usually both meant to be kind of awful. I still found it kinda hot though, especially that stare at the beginning from the girl to her old bully I was like oooo we are in for some fun times

Now don't @ me because I liked it, I can see from the comments that most people hate it, but I enjoyed it

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from enemies to lovers

people love to fetishize toxic relationships/things all the time (especially in the anime/manga community), no biggie unless you're letting it directly effect you or someone else in my opinion. but most important of all, that was fucking hawt.

Eh I wouldn't say "especially" with the anime/manga community, when we have things like Twilight and 50 shades, along with a ton of other media that fetishize toxic relationships and have been popular successes. I've also seen a couple videos on how platforms like Amazon have no end to lesser known novels made by women and for women with plotlines like a guy kidnapping her, Stockholm syndrome, so fourth. Guys also have their own taboo subject novels of course.

My only point being, humans around the globe in every community love some dark taboo things.

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enjoyed it mostly from the art, also the whole rape thing everybodys hating on, theres worse out there thats very well known that people enjoy. i like it because its fake, not real and the author and artist are allowed to create whatever they want freely. like how you are feely able to enjoy whatever you want just not illegal stuff. honesty speaking, toxic relationships in manga have the best dramatic stories you can ever read which is great.

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Mind Fucked

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i mean, i suppose that this could have been a series, where they take more time to forgive and fall in love but well, it's hot at least

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i feel wrong to have enjoyed this :))

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the anthology title isn't "I don't want a happy ending" , for no reason.

Is this a bad ending? Doesn't really really seem like a bad end since they kinda seemed to have made up at the very end to an extent.

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For me it's more like 'I don't care' I guess? Like sure, we have revenge porn and 'redemption arc', but there's literally not enough panels for me to even care. Like raped girl progresses from "I've had enough, just tell everybody" to "I want to bang her again" in like 2 pages? At the end of the day it's just typical mind break hentai, nothing new.

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Blackmail? Rape? Forced masturbation? It’s a perfectly healthy relationship once they love each other!

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Great story, though I would have rather had their relationship continue to be based on hatefugging out of spite in the end, but it feels like the author ran out of pages to really flesh out an ending so maybe they wouldn't have been able to make that work either.

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On GOD. I knew it was gonna end that way just bc the artist loves doing fucked stories then giving them good endings lol

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Love it.

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The writing is kinda messy and has too many jumps, but considering it was the authors first published work it's forgivable. I really like the setting

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While I do love the Dynasty community, the knee-jerk reactions certain portions of this community have to works with rape or loli content is tiresome. I say tiresome because I see the same negative comments and the same reactive arguments again and again and again.

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Hot. Bunch of plebs in these comments lol

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This author is fucked up in the head and should hire a writer ASAP.

kidna mean are we?

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After thinking about it I guess it is more story of redemption and them realizing they like each other, they just started their relationship on wrong foot, because of past bullying. My only complain would be that ending felt lackluster. It just kinda stops.

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ngl, I love this story.

same here

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yeah it might not sit well with everyone but ya can't expect authors to produce the same wholesome lovey dovey style stories all the time, it's their choice not yours

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Holy shit didn't expect everyone in this thread to be so butthurt they'd start spouting spouting philosophical/ politcal bullshit. JESUS CHRIST NO ONE GIVES A SHIT LMAO ABSOLUTE CRINGE GET A LIFE SERIOUSLY

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I never cried so much. sobs sobs

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