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Ehhh, I'm not feeling it. I just can't get into ones like this, even if I do like this author.

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Where's the rest of it, dammit

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It kinda just ended like a cliff in the mist.

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that doesnt sound healthy? goddamnnnnnn hahaha

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...I mean... I guess it ends well?

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w e w

Nevri Uploader
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That was pretty predictable, though I guess bully being aware she was shit person and bullied realizing revenge was a mistake relatively fast was somewhat fresh, so you could say there was more room for them to naturally fall for each other, but resolution definitely felt lacking.

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The writing for this... is terrible, to say the least. It's like the author just mashed random scenes into a juicer and hoped something decent will come out.

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Ehhhnnn I dunno about this one.

I feel it should probably have rape and blackmail tags? Like yea they both fell in love or whatever at the end but it really sits kinda gross with me. No, not just kinda gross. It's real gross.

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This author is fucked up in the head and should hire a writer ASAP.

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I had higher expectations from this author. This kind of rape shit is disgusting

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Was expecting something sad from Avalon ~ Bitter, since it's the anthology that has Please by Sudou Yumi ( Did not expect this. :(

OrangePekoe Admin
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All kinds of messed up.

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I liked it lol. It definitely should have a rape tag though. I think the ending is bad if its genuinely trying to be sweet, but if its trying to be edgy then I like it.

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Bruh, was she sitting inside the school sink!?

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The writing here was kinda disjointed

Cyclop school girl at page 19

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That was really nice, I hope more authors do stories like these

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This author is fucked up in the head and should hire a writer ASAP.

Why? The author should be able to make whatever kind of story they want

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This was weird but I kind liked it

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i HAd hIgHer eXpEcTatIonS FRoM tHiS AuthOr. ThIS KInD Of RApE ShIt Is DiSgUstiNg

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Local bully not so tough after getting molested.
Someone else probably already made this joke.

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I thought it's going to be happy at the start and bitter at the end. Instead, we get bitter at the start and happy at the end.

I guess they are in "love" with each other despite the unhealthy relationship they had.

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