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Oof, I hate the self-satisfied childhood friend trope. I hoped she would just show up the one time, but she's going to be the one moving the plot along, it seems.

joined Jan 6, 2020

So it is just the 6 chapters with a different couple each time? No volume 2? Pretty rip if so.

Fun though. Thanks!

joined Feb 11, 2013

So this gonna a be a new yuriverse, maybe we will get a sister couple too.

I am curious how the couples/characters are going to cross each other's path in the following chapters

joined Apr 29, 2018

if i understand well, even the teacher is part of the side couples? also "she turtled up" best sentence ever!

joined May 20, 2013

Ahhh she said the moon line. She said the thing!

joined Jul 7, 2020

idiot couple?

joined Jul 6, 2020

Nothing like a good helping of idiot couple in the morning

joined Oct 23, 2016

Oooo i think i see a teacher x student relationship. This series has a great start, hope it lasts for a while. It has anime adaptation potential as well.

joined Mar 10, 2018

And again we getting what we always want: LESBIAN WHOLESOME GYARUS STORIES ♥ Nice

joined Apr 20, 2013

Oh MY! This is soooooo sweet!!! and I see so much potential on the other couples too, I'm putting lots of attention on that girl with split color hair and the... is that a teacher? Age gap?! I'm dreaming?

Amane is so nice, enjoying the view just like us... But I hope she keeps the high socks from her first panel because that's

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joined Aug 17, 2019

Good art, the story is a bit cliche, but the fact that is not a "would they?" but rather a "when will they?" makes it a bit refreshing.

joined Oct 16, 2016

Pretty cute, but... Man, I miss Song About a Piece of Junk.

joined Aug 29, 2016

Anyone else kind of feeling refreshed that it’s not a gay revelations story mulling over if they like someone of the same sex, rather just two girls aware of who they like but just being plain old useless lesbians. I don’t know if it’s just me but the fact they didn’t make a big deal was actually nice for once. I really looking forward to what’s to come and the other characters to introduced

Lol yeah I like this. It's really cute. The cool beauty being such a useless lesbian. And then former class rep turned gayru also being hopelessly helpful. It's so fucking cute! GIVE ME A LESBIAN LOVE LIFE LIKE THAT

joined Feb 21, 2019

@myrrhmidon I was refering to the last section of THIS volume, named 'more than friends' - if its about 30-40 pages like the other sections, and it covers all 5 couples, we can get 5-7 or so pages per couple right? showing them after they became couples- thats all i was hoping for.

Still- id much rather it was all about the first couple- it must be a lot of work to make so many characters- and then we dont get to delve into them or their stories to any great depth- not sure why authors think thats a better idea.. at least myself I'd always rather they focus on developing less characters more.

Ah okay. But still, unless there will be another volume, then we still won't get much from this couple and from the other couples as well. Still feels short. I agree that we could have gotten a full series with just the first couple.

Who cares be happy with what you get, also the series isn’t out yet maybe it will be like ano kiss

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this first chapter went so fast just like an oneshot

joined Sep 11, 2020

Cliche'd but cute! Excited for more!


Yo same, who put me in this yuri

joined Nov 22, 2019

Never seen a bell sound be written as "bing bong" but okay

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These girls are the definition of useless lesbians and I love it!

joined Oct 30, 2018

Who said every yuri manga ever has to have drama to be good?

Sign me up for more useless lesbians being adorkable with their feelings for each other any day

joined Aug 29, 2019

Really wholesome and adorable! Thanks for the translation! hopt to see more!

joined Sep 5, 2019

Some light hearted yuri is always good

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The setting gives me 2010 vibes for some reason. Well it's cute regardless. Looking forward for more.

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need more

joined Feb 24, 2016

so sad we only get one full focus ch of this idiot couple but im hopeful that the rest of the couples will be as adorable n dumb
honestly even if it felt a lil rushed their personalities n dynamics r so well defined i can pretend they've been besties for months instead of weeks lol

joined Feb 24, 2015

Great read before sleep! Thank you!

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