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I hate plots like this. Plots where one of the characters is about to die is such poor writing.

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I hate plots like this. Plots where one of the characters is about to die is such poor writing.

Would you mind elaborating how it's poor writing as opposed to simply not being your taste?

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don’t you do this shit to me I just watched I Want to Eat Your Pancreas a couple of days ago

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Ah shit please don't tell me she has cancer or something...

Probably so and I bet Ruri also (which is why she "might" know how to get the letter to Ruri). I am hoping for a happy ending, but am bracing for a very dark trip.

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my heart hurts will Asaka-san die?

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Assuming this will end as a tragedy.
When was the last manga serialization that was published in Yurihime has a tragic ending?

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So whatever happened to the idea of Yuri should never has a tragic ending if you have reach a certain amount of chapters and tankoubon???

That idea? Never existed.

Although there is always a tiny possibility that it goes for the also often seen ending with her returning from abroad after a time skip after leaving to have a small chance of a cure.

My bad, it was not Yuri, but shoujo. You do not make your readers read through 24 tankoubons plus their entire junior and senior high school days to have the manga having a grand tragedy. That was a 70s and 80s thing....

I feel bad for anyone who is still reading ガラスの仮面 since 1976 and there is still no ending. I am sure if it ends as a grand tragedy, a lot of Japanese women will be pissed off and burn the books. At least I was smart enough to have watched the anime, then stopped reading at around vol.12, just to prevent me from hooking by it for life. We are possibly talking about women in their 60s reading it. 49 and counting tankoubons are insane.

Also, at least I did not touch Ōke no Monshō(1976- ) that's 66 volumes so far. I wonder how many original readers back in 1976 will be still alive by the time IF this series will be finished, especially if it ends up being a tragedy?

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No spoilers. The two seemed to get closer again, and started to call each other first names only with no honorific.

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Man this fuckin manga is gonna break my heart in twain, and I am not ready

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Why im doing this to me... This has "your lie in april" kind of plot written all over it... I dont want.... Not again.... But im still reading it WHY!? WHY IM DOING SUCH THING TO BOTH MY MIND AND HEART!? IM GONNA BURN EVERYTHING IF I DONT GET AT LEAST A "MC lived her life happily" KIND OF FINAL

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It's alright! In the end she'll go to another country to cure and go back years later... :)

(we're going to cry very loudly my friends)

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It's not going to be painful, it's going to be meh. If she dies, it's cheap tragedy. If she comes back after many years, it's cheap happiness.

The whole guilt trip is not that well described to be honnest. As someone who did a lot of shitty things as a teenager and young adult, and even a few years ago, I think you could really do a better job at explaining it.

But heh, it's not that bad either. A lot of interesting things are depicted.

I find little pleasure at reading it though, as I come here mostly for romance and so far it's not really packed with that.

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uhh dead ending..... bye bye kaori and WELCOME TO HELL SHIZUKU, MAY YOUR SOUL NEVER FIND PEACE AFTER KAORI DEAD. i hate this character so much make me wants to bully her till no end.

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Useless princess is deserve for shizuku, sad she only care abt her ego, if kaori ded shizuku will commit suicide bet, and looks like that not gonna happen,

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uhh dead ending..... bye bye kaori and WELCOME TO HELL SHIZUKU, MAY YOUR SOUL NEVER FIND PEACE AFTER KAORI DEAD. i hate this character so much make me wants to bully her till no end.

Who says “art makes nothing happen”? (Take that, W.H. Auden.)

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dead ending :(
(hopefully not literally with asaka)

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Better get that tragedy tag ready.

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Kaori's probably going to ask Shizuku to live in her stead on her deathbed. It's the only way to avoid that suicide tag....

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Jesus fucking christ, this is making me really goddamn anxious. Doesn't even matter how obvious the story's direction may seem to be, it just pushes the right buttons really fucking well. Especially right now.

Goddamnit... I've lost a close friend to suicide just the other day... not the best place to share, sorry.. but yeah, so this whole thing hurts so much more. I don't want to be reading anything this tense, but at the same time, I'm here with some hope of brighter horizons. It may be naive, foolish, or unreasonable, but I'll still hold out hope for some sort of a happy ending. Be it the assiest of ass-pulls, I don't mind.

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Damn the main characters in this manga are so fucking selfish. Here's Kaori clearly taking advantage of Ruri's friendship to have her come see Hoshikawa, even though Ruri clearly didn't want anything to do with this shit. And then there's Hoshikawa who wants to apologize just to feel better about herself. It never crossed her mind that maybe Ruri didn't want to ever see her again. Bunch of assholes, both of them.

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Those cute credits.... I just know the last one's going to show a tombstone (or two)

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Too much bitching in this forum, it’s a good story, good read, move on

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Well, we finally caught up, its nice that I have the raw all along and now the English is now here, up to date.
This is probably the least desired story that I follow in Comic Yurihime. I read it only because it is there inside the anthology. The plot is quite predictable. Now that Shizuku did what she wanted in the first place, all we have is how Kaori will do. The fact that there are only two themes in the plot (apology to a person. then friend is very sick and possibly terminal), means that you have no choice but to have the manga finished. Any new plot will just drag the whole thing down. Especially the title explicit states that this is happening during a summer.

There really has nothing to analysis and comment, for everyone in this forum. The plot is very week, even the apology plot seems not sincere, because the author did not truly explore on the character's feeling.

I do not care whether it will be a tragic ending or not. As long as the end is coming up quick. To me it runs out of my patience.

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Too much bitching in this forum, it’s a good story, good read, move on

Unrelated to the manga did you come up with this profile icon (no female), and what does it mean? Wont it would more sense to have a no male icon?

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God dammit when I saw the meds on the table and her collapsing in what, chapter 11 I had a hunch and yup, the really pulled the "she was dying the whole time" card huh. Just when I was starting to feel the story was going somewhere... this author is lucky I like trashy gay drama!

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