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I was just thinking though, if Rei-chan is still wearing the same uniform after Miku's Vocabulary training (inclusive of the time when she battled the Jeep), does that mean Miku achieved all that during their time in high school? If so, damn that was some intense training!

Queue montage

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get yourself a girl who would make such effort such as fighting jeep-kun just to get you.

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While you were concerned with my confessions! I studied the vocabulary!

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Be wary of what you ask for, as you might actually get it: the oneshot

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I confessed to my crush today of two years and worked really hard on my speech articulation just for that moment. Got rejected but I'm glad I got to tell her how I properly felt

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That bravo panel is amazing

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What the fuck xD

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Such tenacity is very admirable... I gotta start workin on my vocab

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Great setup But i think the execution could be better

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when u luv ur girl so much u do a TED talk about it

best TED talk ever

Marion Diabolito
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passive-aggressive payback raised to a cute art form. love target's fault for assuming.

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Thank you for coming to my TED talk XD

Careful what you wish for girl

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Study vocabulary and not even Truck-kun can stand in your way.

You mean Jeep-san?

Seeing how we are on DS, wouldn't it be Jeep-chan?

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I love this author! As always great work from them; magnificent illustration, light and very enjoyable plot, A1 comedy, short and straight to the point but still well constructed. Every work I have read from them never disappoint. Wow. Thank you very much.

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