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Yo that credit page got me fr

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Ahhh that cowardly back down at the end is never a fun way to end a story. Anyways, thanks for the translation ~ <3

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"And we live in a oneshot, so we won't even get another chance"
noOooo i need a moreee

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NO WHYYY??? WHYYYY???? I need part 2 or I'll cry...

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Nice credit page!

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I was waiting for a kiss. Too short!

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Poor peanuts. Locked in yuri limbo, just like Citrus lol.

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At least they can go out and have fun together. Though that confession will just fester between them until it turns into resentment.

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Stories like these are the manga equivalent of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, at the last second.

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dang. in the end she punked out. ugh... useless lesbian.

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I consider this a bad end. Uselessness is terminal people

Sequel me please

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Nice. Need more.

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FluffyCow posted:

Ahhh that cowardly back down at the end is never a fun way to end a story. Anyways, thanks for the translation ~ <3

My impression is that she backed down so that she can do a proper confession later when there's no way for Sakura to assume that she's just drunk.

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Better luck next time I guess.

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Damn, why you gotta be a pussy MC! (though if I'm being honest I'd probably pussy out too)

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She's so hopeless. Why back out at the end when she'd gotten what she wanted.

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What the heck she said it would be fine if she was not drunk, so why doesn't she do it when she's not drunk? Jeez

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we live in a society oneshot

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oneshots are for masochists

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oneshots are for masochists

deadass, I hate it here.. I literally don’t know why I keep expecting full endings

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The credit page speaking the truth

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oneshots are for masochists

And we are still here, just to suffer.

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