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The summary (only on MD, for some reason) mentions that Chayama's the sole daughter of a tea plantation owner, which is why she's bullied, since the local politicians believe that the plantation's bad for the environment.

That might be a spoiler, though it's probably unimportant background detail. At least it explains where her name comes from. Or did the name come first...?

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Any news of the whole stuff to be uploaded here?

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Any news of the whole stuff to be uploaded here?

no idea what happened to the scanlation group, but yenpress had recently licensed it, vol 1 on february 22

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Just read the print version. No spoilers here (I think).

It was pretty good. Heavy on the dramas and the angst of teenagers socially stifled in a small backwoods town.
A bit of a Romeo and Juliet story since the two families are battling it out for the position of Mayor, and of course they are drawn to each other.
The tone remains throughout, with their daily lives of superficial participation and having to blend to fit in in for Mizuno, and having to be invisible and compliant for Chayama. But together they can be their honest selves.
And yeah, Aikawa is a real piece of work.
It's pretty dense, subtle much of the time, with you having to notice the small details to glean what's going on in the scenes, so for me it was a slow read.
The only thing I would caution about is a fair level of physical violence throughout.
Only saw one typo (p.360 rnadom -> random).

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Glad to hear it's good. My copy of the book shipped today so I'll hopefully have it before the end of the week. I'm looking forward to it.

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