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I love how Namori sensei has this complete flip side. Capable of ridiculous hilarity and switches it up to seriously depressing

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Ooh this was nice

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Feels for pay

OrangePekoe Admin
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Namori is great.

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It's....for the best? (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

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This is such a well done one-shot. It leaves the readers with that tinge of melancholy. Namori is as always making the best artworks, it is surprising to see the range of genre Namori branches out in this manga!

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That turned angsty for me damn Namori-sensei you really be letting us feel it too deep

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This was really good.

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Namori-San... (。_。)

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Fuck. That one hurt. Good, but it hurt.

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"someone" "that person" "they" "a coworker"
I couldn't pinpoint the gender of the one Chiaki has fallen for. I figure it was written like that on purpose?

It would really add insult to injury if she plans to marry a man... ᗒ_ᗕ

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Ahhhhh estoy llorando en el baño, weee esto es muy tristee. Pense que al ultimo diria que era una broma pero no resulto ser así QwQ

Yo también esperaba eso. Que al final dijera que sólo estaba probando a ver la reacción de Ayane, para saber si Ayane la amaba. Tratando de darle celos. Pero parece que era en serio la cosa. Tonta Chiaki. ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

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Namori doing NSFW... It's good to be alive. (Yeah, I know this one kinda hurt though.)

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I hope Namori keeps putting out these dramatic one-shots. The last two chapters of Yuri Yuri 2 were something else. I wonder how dramatic the Yuru Yuri teachers spin-off might get.

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namori seriously worry me. i was planning to read the yuru yuri 2 spin off but after reading this crap i'm starting to trust her less with her future stories. and with the cheating storry she made at some point.

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This is why I don’t like stories with prostitution

I mean the average story with prostitution on Dynasty is wholesome. This is kind of an outlier. What you're saying would be like opening a box of 12 eggs, seeing 1 cracked egg, and going "This is why I don't like eggs".

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Beautiful yet really sad :(

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The kind of thing I wanted to read today. Short, touching, and bittersweet, with a clean, albeit moe-ish, art. Looking forward to reading more works like this one.

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gay not so much for the pay

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The composition of page 18 is incredible.

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DR2 Hajime Hinata
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Well this is just something I would have never expected to see!

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I'm sad now :(

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