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This is great. I like that the relationship is developing (helps one of the girls is a lesbian flat out) as well as the subversion of the bully play. Tho I wouldn't mind more snippits of it because the valentines day short was so cute

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Is she really a straight girl tho?

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Is she really a straight girl tho?

No, it's been shown at early chapter she got wet yuri dream, and that's her first wet dream.

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Is she really a straight girl tho?

as far as she knows shes into a straight girl but we know nah she aint straight

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It was clear as sun that she wanted a BDSM relationship

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Thanks for uploading this series, I love this girls so muuuuuch

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Homegirl girl knows how straight girls do be like. Like they do all this and that towards you and still proclaim they are straight like ;-;.

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I see nothing wrong with these priorities o3o

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Lin seems to have a mother complex

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Continues to bring joy!

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as a enjoyer of the "soft bullying" that i used to get from girls on the high school


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lol chapter 6.5
"Reason: farewell"

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Latest update just explained why she agreed to the "bullying" thing

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I thought she just wanted a hickey but damn

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Anyone know if this is still ongoing?

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Woahh best series updated woo

Edit: God I hate this series, thanks so much for the translations!

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God they're just too cute my heart hurts. I like how the compensated dating misunderstanding got resolved immediately (i didnt expect that, would have thought that would run til the end) and the reason like tongtong is a good person and that made lin xiao bravely tell her the truth.

tongtong sad and crying is just HNNNNGGGG

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Oh no, what happened to my happy fun times with the funny misunderstanding and blackmail kink!?

On a serious note, I'm also surprised at that the whole compensated dating and blackmail was resolved already, given the title. Though to be fair, the title is "That Time I was Blackmailed" and not "I am being Blackmailed". It's good that Lin Luxi didn't try and get more money out of Tong Tong and I can totally get why she's nervous about getting close to her, but still - ghosting (not sure if that's the right phrase) her like that was definitely mean.

By the way, does anyone know how far ahead the raws are? I never could find the original Chinese webcomic.

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Aaaah don't stop there dangit ;_;
This is so nice it's making me ignore my dislike of long format comics.

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Lol, chantaje emocional

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I don't like the mc at all


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Thank you for blessing my soul, White Sun Scans.

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Aww, poor Tong Tong. Big sad

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