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Too soon to make a judgement call if it is good or not. I’ll wait for another four chapters.

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And that, fellas, is the kind of attitude that gets you cheated on.

This looks like it's gonna be a good one, looking forward to more.

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I love the womens' round heads. It's like a Charlie Brown special written by John Updike, where they're all older and having affairs. And somehow the roundness makes both women seem very sympathetic to me.

The husband, however, does not have so round a head, and I just have no sympathy for him. I don't mind him being a low-key jackass like he is––he's not like a villain at this point––but I just find I have an endless font of sympathy for both women. And their round heads. It's very cool art in general.

And I like the story very much so far. Thank you so much, Lucas Magnus, for the translation. It reads so easily, and it communicates the story so well.

Run Away With Me, Girl turned out to be a really great story. Hopefully this one will be, too. It seems like a good, solid start to me.

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Dang, this should interesting. Artstyle is pretty moe compared to the stories "adult life issues/ominous undertone" trope, mangas like Even though we're adults, Run away with me girl and even It's a detached relationship have that whole non moe sorta look to it... mind you I love your cruddy... has a pretty moe artstyle effect for what's actually going on in the manga.... but I think that's what they were going for... Sorry to go off on a tangent! Anyway, looking forward to more of this!

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So 3 series recently with women cheating on their husbands. I wonder how much of a story setting trend this will be.

It's been going on for quite a while, actually.

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I read it because of the amount of comments lol. I'm gonna try reading a few more to see if it's worth it.

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Does ‘lesbian trapped in het marriage due to societal expectations’ exceed the tag character limit?

Loveless marriage

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Gurl go get the kitchen knife and stab that asshole

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Piece of shit incel husbands seem to be popular in lesbian drama. I hope this isn't dragged out too long. There better not be any "oh, but he's actually a sympathetic character" bs in this either.
Anyway, still looking forward to this.

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But sure, I'll bite. I'll torture myself with another cheating story. Curse my masochism.

Glad to be a part of the rest of the masochists here xD

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There's only a very few cheating stories I can tolerate. This one is hanging near the edge, but I'll read more chapters to see if it's worth it or not. I kinda doubt it, though. I can only see pain down the road.

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it's a bitterly realistic portrait of two people asphyxiated by life, desperately trying to get a breath of fresh air, even if they could only ever meet in stuffy, dark rooms with the shades drawn. There's an atmosphere of heteronormativity and repression here that's brilliantly realistic, not in a grimdark way, but in one that's hauntingly natural. This ain't a celebrity scandal- it's a standard indiscretion in an apathetic society among incredibly mediocre people, and they all know it.

This could be extremely entertaining or extremely melodramatic, but whether it's a trainwreck or a rollercoaster, I'mma buy a ticket. This is shaping up to be a fun little ride across a shady and little-explored district of YuriTown, and I've got a feeling we're gonna be seeing some real interesting scenery.

I usually just lurk here, but lately, everytime I see some interesting manga here, I look forward towards your comments, I really like how you talk about the artist direction and choices, dunno, just wanted to say that I really enjoy seeing your coments and how good you are in translating some of my thoughts to words.

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^ Thanks! I'm glad to hear that. :)

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That's like the sweetest thing I've heard all year. Shaping up to be a really positive thread, in spite of the subject matter. Looking forward to both!

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  • Create a husband character that is so shitty


Lol. Reminds me of the husband from... Dang, can't remember the title. The one with the high school loves reuniting, but one is married and pregnant with her shitty husband's kid.


at least that one had a good ending

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Such a good story, Got me feeling all types of ways! Cant wait to read more !

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I really don't like cheating in any manga or hentai, it is pretty rare for me to like something like this but this seems alright for the moment, the artstyle is really cute, the husband is kinda insensitive but does not look like a bad person, the other girl looks like she is still in love with the wife instead of playing with her like I have seen in other stories and the wife does not look like a stupid character. I will be waiting for the next chapters because this seems interesting, hopefully this has some kind happy ending.

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Cheating yuri is the worst. (well cheating is in general) You know it's bad when you actually feel bad for male love interests.

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I was a bit afraid that chapter two would kick up the drama, but instead, we got an interesting look into the routine behind the affair. It's a great narrative choice, because it drives in just how slow things are going- this isn't a feverish, passionate one-night stand, but a grinding, near-stagnant ritual spawned from two lesbians with communication issues and the marital equivalent of a sinkhole. It isn't challenging or difficult or dangerous- the issue is that it's too damned easy for everyone involved. The husband goes about bar-hopping, Yukako and Chinami use their friendship as a cover, and nothing demands bravery or change. Nobody needs to make a choice, and so, they fester in uncertainty and guilt.

The earlier segments of this chapter resembled something out of a cute, fluffy adult yuri series, bright and optimistic, and I love how suffocating the panelling becomes once we cut back to the home. Yukako and her husband barely even look at each other, and it's like the dialogue bubbles only serve to separate them instead of bolstering communication. It's a bit hard to be sympathetic for Yukako because of how indecisive she is, but that's the entire issue- she's not a girl looking for a prince and she's not a heartless seductress. The best she can do is stick her hands between the bars of the cage, but she's too scared to venture out into the cruel, wide world, and uses Chinami as her drip-feed of freedom instead.

I wonder how long Chinami can keep playing the devoted, patient lover- she seems driven by both an urge to give Yukako some agency and a genuine desire for Yukako to take charge. The smooth, charismatic mistress isn't a role that comes easily to her, and yet, just like Yukako, she takes an agonizing, ambiguous situation over outright loneliness and rejection. The main issue here isn't distance- it's that they're so close that they're actively stepping past each other, and the further they take things, the further away they'll grow. Someone, somehow needs to sacrifice something, but all bets are off on who it'll be. To be honest, it doesn't seem like this relationship would be too healthy even if the two end up together, but there's a part of me that's rooting for them, if only because the alternatives are too miserable to bear.

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Yukako wouldn't be in this situation if being a lesbian was consider acceptable and she wouldn't feel so pressured to be "normal". Without other people showing her support and acceptance of who she is, things are very unlikely to change anytime soon. Also even if it was loveless marriage, husband is still a dick and pretty garbage human, so I feel no sympathy for him.

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  • Create a husband character that is so shitty


Lol. Reminds me of the husband from... Dang, can't remember the title. The one with the high school loves reuniting, but one is married and pregnant with her shitty husband's kid.


And then we also have one where the husband is nice, Even Though We're Adults

So 3 series recently with women cheating on their husbands. I wonder how much of a story setting trend this will be.

Woah, 10 years and the feelings always linger

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Societal pressure.... Why!?

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This has potential, and I think I'm going to enjoy it... but I wish less cheating stories would portray the party being cheated on as an unrepentant asshole. It feels like they try to justify the affair, and to be honest, that just makes me less interested in the characters. It reduces their autonomy and undercuts the messiness that makes affairs a compelling device in the first place, in my opinion. I saw Shimura Takako mentioned above, and I do think she really nails the premise in Even Though We're Adults. Looking forward to picking up later volumes of that.

That being said, I'm liking Yukako as a character so far. Kirin's talked about her much more eloquently than I ever could, but, well, she's flawed in a pretty real if not completely novel way, almost gives me some Octave vibes, which I can only hope for more of. Will see where this goes. Thanks for the scanlation!

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It fucking end just like that?

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