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Every time a batch of chapters drops feels like it's my birthday. First two chapters were a blessing full of fluff (I adore the little wolf candy that Momo made, and maid Aki is chefs kiss, also tails wagging everywhere,) and I'm a big fan of how things are shaping up in the following chapter, though I'm not seeing this turn into anything particularly dramatic. I'm not seeing a whole lot of drama in general, really, as the series has been rather swift about turning those into fluff. Biggest thing that might happen is Momo thinking that things are turning out like with the maid that took advantage of her.

I love how Momo was able to actually piece the puzzle together and read the situation and go all-in for it, especially with the pro-player move of using her authority... that sounds kinda odd, but it actually works really well contextually. She was absolutely correct and I hope she realizes that and doesn't start thinking she's made a big mistake and messed up beyond repair.

I believe the next chapters will delve a bit into Aki's background. It's clear to me that something has happened to her that might have been catastrophic, and may even relate to her lupine traits and the full moon, hence why she says she's come to the Sheep country seeking peace. I'm inclined to believe the mentioned sister has passed, her entire family has, probably. Both Aki and Momo carry some luggage from previous occurrences in their lives, we've learned about some of Momo's, and now it's time for her and the audience to learn about Aki's, once this happens I expect things to realign quickly and smoothly.

Sort of as an aside, based on the map shown on chapter 14 page 13, Sheep country is pretty much not-France, right? The marker parallels Paris' location, I think. Might be related to Aki's background, then, assuming she's come from the not-Germany area?

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Also hyena girls are cute

I used to think so until they explained in Interspecies Reviewers about the reproductive processes of hyenas. Yikes!

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Doing the same things who was?

She’s referencing the Hyena maid that was Momo’s first love. She played with Momo’s heart and then left when Momo got serious about her. Aki want’s to take what’s going on between them slowly and seriously before entertaining a possibility (or lack there of maybe) of a relationship to prevent breaking Momo’s heart like the Hyena maid did.

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Dear diary, chapter 16. Still this read is still a tease.

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Over A year for a new chapter Cya 2023 bye guys

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what a chad. still waiting patiently for "that" scene to happen. for now I'm taking what she decided to prioritize first in this relationship.

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Soooo….Sakaki and Kiku….when’s that gonna happen?!

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The sheep gonna eat the wolf huh?

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Somehow, chapter 17 reminded me that almost all relationship advice boils down to "Have you considered talking about it?" or "That's a red flag please save yourself."

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Hahahaha... :D

The princess is on the attack and there's no stopping her now. ^_^

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My general feeling about these two chapters can be summed up with this.

I was mostly correct with my guesstimation earlier. Though the story didn't delve too deep into Aki's background, and I kinda really like that. The only thing not getting an answer was the whole full moon thing, and I'm still expecting this to be addressed. I also like how the swift resolution came about. Sakaki looked like she was ready to give Aki a good smack, which I can understand. I'd have liked to see them learn that they're talking about the princess.

After that, it was just pure sweetness, and Momo going even further on the attack and being paralleled as a beast gave me a good laugh. I absolutely love Momo going "I'm a princess, it's cool!" This is how you abuse your authority properly... I think... In any case, Aki kissing Momo at the end there simply made me happy. This is great. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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Hahahaha... :D

The princess is on the attack and there's no stopping her now. ^_^

the princess be the wolf :D

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Hahahaha... :D

The princess is on the attack and there's no stopping her now. ^_^

the princess be the wolf :D

Always has been. But now that she truly knows the feelings are mutual, all brakes are off. :D

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Another side couple that is likely getting brought together by the main couple advancing before them?

Not saying this looks like a trend, but after reading Hello Melancholic, Can't Defy The Lonely Girl and Anemone is in Heat, this kinda looks like a trend.

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This page. :D

Aki the accidental cupid.

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It took me forever and a half to realize this was not made by Hachi.

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Simply blessed. Looking forward to seeing this unravel.

Also the extra was chef's kiss.

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Kiku chan best girl.

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Dude, this manga is absurdly underread/underappreciated/under-the-radar/you-name-it. Where the fuck is everybody?

In any case, I'll borrow from comments I've made before: yasss! Pure sugar.

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Does Princess Kunya's maid have feelings for her?

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Just incredibly fluffy. ^_^

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Gotta love it when the usual misunderstanding gets punched in the face just a couple of pages after happening.

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CAN IT GET ANY SWEETER!!?!??!? SO PRECIOUS!!!!11111 my heart can't take it xD

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Gotta love it when the usual misunderstanding gets punched in the face just a couple of pages after happening.

Same here.

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