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Shout out to the coworker figuring they must be up to something kinky XD

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Finally got around to reading all of this, as of ch. 14 GOD! I wish they'd just erase that fifth rule!!!

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For anyone wondering, the movie they watched was Chaos Walking (2021). Those who know, know...

Oh no....Wasn't that movie deemed so bad that it was "Unreleasable", for a period of time?

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For anyone wondering, the movie they watched was Chaos Walking (2021). Those who know, know...

I was so sure it was "John Wick". Also, I will never forget that kind of popcorn becoming massive in the first "Scary Movie". It was so funny and freaky looking to me as a kid

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But man, popcorn with soysauce? Seems like a bad idea. Im more the butter and a bit of sweetness type.

It's actually not bad, it's not wet and soggy so the saltiness is like salt. In my circles we use brewer's yeast, which is even further away from the traditional salt and butter.

Brewer's yeast, a bit of soy sauce, and shredded cheese is absolutely the objectively correct way to eat popcorn.

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Cheese on popcorn? Cretin! Jiffy Pop was a rare treat when I was a kid; I'd really like to try the soy. I noticed a fair amount of sweating in this episode. Can we quit with this platonic crap?

Marion Diabolito
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Fall in love with your best friend the manga series. Seriously, they're going to have the most solid relationship ever.

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Just kiss already!

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oh this is gonna end on kissing

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Just get married alrea…oh…huh….

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^Don't we all feed our friends like that?

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oh god this entire page i cant even

I'm probably rather repeating myself here but Usui's approach to character comedy tickles me silly XD

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Cute chapter.

And I wanted to know about the beef.

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Cute chapter. Very based.

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These 2 are way to ducking cute

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Ruriko is such a sweet , warm-hearted girl . Kurumi better take a lot more notice of how awsome she is !

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We’d better get that hot spring and beer time next chapter!

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They're so cute af

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Oh man, she's all smiles now
God I can't wait for more progress

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What a pleasant chapter

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happy silence

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beer+hot springs=

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yuri before bed is so goooddddd~

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I don't mind a good slow burn, I really don't, but tbh this manga just feels redundant, it's to the point I'm hesitant to read a new chapter cuz I know next to nothing is going to happen, it doesn't help that the chapters feel really short.

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