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paola-chan is cool, hope she sticks around in future chapters~

nice fluff of a chapter as well

The immaculate
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It's kinda adorable there wasn't a single lewd thought about the whole banana thing from any of the characters.

They are 100% pure lesbians.

Y’a i for sure thought the doujin would end up being lewd but I’m glad it was so wholesome.

Yuri Yuriyuri
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What did the conversation between the author and the editor sound like for this banana thing.

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That shit was bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Top banana!

Snapdragon beans
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Is it me or are there more and more ecchi/hentai mangas on this site and less and less true yuri?
To each his/her own I suppose.
I miss true love/friendship stories that are not centered on fan-service for peeping toms.

I don't see how this isn't "true yuri." Is it because they are having sexy thoughts about one another and doing sexy things? How isn't this true yuri?

There is still tons of yuri that doesn't have sexy things in it. I like that there's more variety and it actually shows the characters being attracted to one another like they would in real life.

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What did the conversation between the author and the editor sound like for this banana thing.

It was basically "Okay put all the bananas you want as long as it doesn't looks or feel phalic".

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Another character we know in this manga, of Brazilian nationality, but who speaks in a half Portuguese and Spanish accent and loves Ecuadorian bananas. Nice! And her name is a mixture of the names of two famous people here in my country: one is a soap opera actress and the other is a famous culinary chef with a half Italian accent who was on the team of judges of the Brazilian version of "MasterChef". Can you believe!? xD

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Pointless trivia: The author of no game no life is also brazilian.

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this's silly
but i love it :)))

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Yes! By all means INSTRUCT her!

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Love that in the first 7 pages Itoha was just cute and then in page 8 she became sexy in Hime's eyes after reading the doujin.

The background lillies in page 13 are pretty well placed too.

But yeah, now it's time for the main course, it's a pretty simple solution if Itoha can't read it herself, Hime was always lewder so it works out.

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Like Kano-chan, I certainly didn't expect to see all that from this timid couple. Now that's a pleasant surprise. :D

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Very lewd! :) Thx 4 TL! <3

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I'm not complaining ;)

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And suddendly, a dick.

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Small typo on page 121, second panel:
indi[]vidual -> individual

Special char inserted

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With a cover like that, I'd be surprised if there was any girl x girl content in that doujin to begin with.

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And that's why you don't read lewds in public

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Futanari is a hell of a drug

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And now she will believe too... hahahahahahahahahah

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I love how casually she self-inserted

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Uh oh

We got ourselves a chaser

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