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I mean hey if they're both into it, I won't judge.

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We have such sights to show you

I mean, i've read Aomushi's works so. Luckily i block R-18G stuff.

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Cool Kitanai sequel /sarcasm

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Cool Kitanai sequel /sarcasm

More like TBP

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Yeez! BDSM and violence on a relationship? i just cant get why some people is on this stupid stuff.

Tbh BDSM is fairly vanilla compared to some things people are into

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So this is just straight up abuse right

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Weird but love it
Well I'm in love with kuwabara art

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I prefer to interpret the ending as she indeed killed the other girls and last few pages are just wishful thinking. It is showing the darker side of human yet that human still yearn for understanding, how lonely and awful it could be.

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Page 15 was interesting. Page 15 incorporated the black borders. The last time we saw the black borders, it was used to signify that the whole page was a hallucination/ wishful thinking. However, the last panel of pg. 15 suddenly looks like it shattered, revealing that she actually hit her, and it wasn't wishful thinking.

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I need a chapter of "Sexual education 120%" describing what BDSM really is.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

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I need a chapter of "Sexual education 120%" describing what BDSM really is.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Just ask if they're an S or an M instead.

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I don't think its sudden the other girl were trying to get her to do bd sm stuff but couldn't wait in the end and kinda seduced her by saying she is into pain play and saying she lied about the album. It's kinda hot so I don't really see a wrong thing but if this was one- sided then it would have been violence now it's a hot play

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would pretty much be perfect if there was no smoking

what do you have against smoking ?

I find it disgusting and it takes away from a character's value. This is just my opinion of course.

It's a work of fiction. It's targeted at adults. I'm against smoking as much as anyone else, but this takes it to the extreme.

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To me this seems like a dark fantasy scenario, not a representation of BDSM. It depicts overcoming the shame and stigma that keep you from recognizing, speaking up about, or acting on your sadism through being seduced by a close friend you’re attract to into giving her pain. To me it reads like a classic fantasy of repression—like, “what would happen if I just let myself explode and expose this hidden part of me to someone who would encourage or welcome it.” It’s even got the, “I couldn’t help myself” feature, too, that’s supposed to sort of take away your responsibility, abstract yourself from the guilt so you can process the desire.

I find it appealing on that level, and frankly kind of hot, though I am still put off by the lack of consent, invitation, discussion, etc. that are needed to safely and healthily explore these spaces. While the manga treats on some level some of the headspaces associated with BDSM, specifically just with sadism and masochism, it does not at all represent the actual practice or approach to it. Which is fine, because this work isn’t about communicating, discussing, and respecting boundaries in a safe and healthy relationship—it’s about desires bursting the dam of repression, and there’s room for that.

However, given how misunderstood BDSM is, and how much this aligns with many peoples’ negative stereotypes and imaginings of what scenes or relationships look like—frankly, assault and abuse—I think giving it the BDSM tag on this site is deeply irresponsible.

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BDSM is ok and all but's a nope from me, also confusing. lol

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It was all a horny and twisted day dream. Remember kids, keep your dangerous fetish fictional (unless its legal and your partner is truly okay with it and is done safely).

Can't quote this enough. If it's fictional and no one is actually getting hurt, it's your mind. Do what you want as long as it stays there. Unless of course it's legal between two consending adults. Then, well... just keep everyone else not consenting out of it. Enjoy :)

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I dont like it

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Umm... I'm sorry but... I like it
(I'm too M to hate this)

Same lol

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would pretty much be perfect if there was no smoking

commits physical abuse on minimal provocation, giving into one's fantasies without so much as setting up a safe word


One's losses and emotions are deeply personal, but you gotta admit that this manga ain't depicting the healthiest of ways to express yourself.

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I dunno man, I just can't truck with BDSM. It's so antithetical to my mindset.

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I know this is like so totally off base, but the most disturbing part of this to me is the girl freaking out about gaining weight to be 48 kg. Like even if she was only 140 cm (4'7") that would still be a healthy weight, assuming she was average height for a woman on japan that would be on the edge of underweight.

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I dunno man, I just can't truck with BDSM. It's so antithetical to my mindset.

Yet here you are, on a site for yuri, antithetical to many other people's mindsets...

My take is like others: most of the pages were real, except for the black-streaked border ones. The only confusing bit is the final page. Are they having a smoke afterward? Hoshi dropped her masks and the clothes might be different. Is it just a title page? Are the flecks of red supposed to be blood from being beaten?

As for the story, it's not a good guide to a health BDSM relationship, but it's not out of the blue assault either. "I'm into pain play, and I was trying to make you angry" is kind of "kiss me you fool".

Anyway, part of the point of fantasy is to filter out the negative consequences of stuff:

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I need a chapter of "Sexual education 120%" describing what BDSM really is.

^^^ this

Try “Sunstone” series... but you gotta pay plenty for the whole thing.

This current manga is a buncha NOPE for me.

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Some people are awfully judgmental here. Between consenting adults, very few things are off the table.

If one likes pain and the other gets her kick out of inflicting pain, who are you to look at them with contempt or disgust?

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