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I love tomboys
And I especially love tomboys doing it with each other.
This is wonderful!

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a tomboy paradise
(tomboy tag REALLY needed here)

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Two tomboys? My lucky day..
Loved those tanlines too

OrangePekoe Staff
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Bless whoever suggested Tomboy I totally forgot that was a tag.

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The cover tripped me up I thought I clicked on yaoi for a second and double checked the tags... “not yaoi.” Phew.

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What is better than a regular Tomboy? A dark skinned Tomboy!
Based on the related images from this artist, the camp will soon be flooded with a wave of sapphism!

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Haven't even read it yet but one look at the tags I already know it's gonna be good.

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Oh shit, the rare and precious masc 4 masc manga. This was truly a treat.

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Boyish indeed, quite sweet.

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I didn't know I needed this until now

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Omgggg this is yesss

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So glad this is here. Saw it on Sadpanda a few days ago.

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Two tomboys? My lucky day..

Four actually.

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Finally another thing from Noe translated

(not yaoi is super cringe)

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I was worried about them getting caught, but their classmates are like "FINALLY! "

Super cute! I wish we could see them going on dates. Or even double dates!

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Yes finally more tomboys. Gotta love em.

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i really want more of this <3

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