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joined Feb 7, 2018

finally some good fucking food

joined Feb 28, 2015

There was some gay tension, it was very cute

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joined Jan 22, 2015

If I see "Just kidding" in one more fucken manga... I can do nothing aside from being upset. -.-'

joined Mar 19, 2016

Studying with Elichika, eh? I see.......................... Nozomi knows exactly what to say to turn Nico down.

Sassy Maki is the best Maki.

joined Dec 5, 2016

Maki said she was busy over the phone call and probably has business to do in the area until Nico showed up and her gay heart just couldn't resist tagging along with Nico.

joined Apr 27, 2018

Love the art style!

joined Aug 16, 2014

I can't be the only one who noticed that everything they bought vanished from their hands in later panels, right?

joined Nov 20, 2014

Teleporting to their inventory

joined Jan 17, 2021

Thats so cuuute

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