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I wish sex ed taught you how more how to navigate a sexual relationship and, you know, how to do a consent
I pretty much only learned about how babies are made and that you should use condoms, which is helpful but I feel like there should be more guidance when it comes to sexual conduct.

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Our sex ed skipped any gay and fun stuff completly, I wonder if that would be still allowed nowadays.

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Lmao wtf

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Lmao wtf

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Finally, the hero we need!

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Wait, a manga with some good sex ed and it's a comedy? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!

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This is great. Can't wait for more. I wonna be a teacher like that.


Condoms are usueful also to be put on sex-toys! It makes them last longer and condoms can provide different feelings from usual!

Condoms are bomb for this, but if you have silicone toys (which are great because they have tons of benefits including being non porous and being able to be boiled to clean them) make sure to use non lubed condoms because they generally have silicone lube and you want to use water based lube with silicone toys. Both lubes are nice to have around tho cause I like silicone based better for everything else

^Yeah, I had abstinence based sex ed. I learned nothing! Most of what I know is from fanfic. And, there were lots of people having sex, but not safely. Some girls got pregnant and there were STDs and stuff.

I haven't heard about dental dams either.

Probably cause they're not really readily available. You can modify a condom to use in the same situation if you want to use one but can't easily find them.

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this looks promising as HELL, i genuinely love good comprehensive sex ed resources

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lmaooo this is amazing

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I wish i had her has a teacher

I...want her as a teacher,ours totally skipped that topic

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I’m really happy I learned new things from manga. There should be more like this

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Huh, looks like Yui and the gang's school went co-ed (referencing that K-ON took place at Sakuragaoka too).
Edit: Was reading while distracted and took the BL fantasizing scene as there being guy students in the school. Whoops lol.

Anyway, this is very entertaining yet informative and will be following. Wonder if the Ace spectrum will be included somewhere in the series.

If you want another series that talks about sex- ed, try BOO! It's Sex on Webtoons. The series finished, so you can binge it. It mainly covers wlw content.

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i wish this was my teacher
also, you can use common condoms on your fingers?

joined Jun 7, 2019 is she planning to fuck that cat or not? That whole thing confused me.

WAIT what

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Tsuji-sensei is the hero we need, but don't deserve.

I remember the sex-ed portion of health class. Lots of clinical terms and diagrams with little context. Condom on a cucumber. Dental dams didn't exist.

I distinctly remember a 60-year-old teacher reading the words "oral sex," but she refused to tell us what that even meant.

Salt-N-Peppa had said it best: "Let's talk about sex."

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sex ed isn't a thing in japan? odd, you'd think they'd want to do that since the prime minister keeps bringing up the low birth rate

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Just for general information and curiosity. How many of you actually use Dental Dams and Finger Condoms during sexy times?

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The fuck

The safe fuck

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fucking hilarious! HAHAHAHA

Btw in regards to dental dam. You can actually buy them in dental stores or medical stores (not pharmacies) No need to have a license or anything cause its common to buy them for common procedures in dentistry.

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Well Futari Ecchi as a series is still running , but i definitely want a more general approach than hetero-ish angle of Futari Ecchi

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So why is there powder on the side that you lick?

well to prevent stickiness when using it medically and it acts as a barrier for the latex and skin

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sex ed isn't a thing in japan? odd, you'd think they'd want to do that since the prime minister keeps bringing up the low birth rate

I think they do, i have stumpled across "its that thing from health class" in several doujins

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today i learned about the existence of dental dams

Me, a dental student, I'll never look at dental dams the same way again.

Waittttt... Are dental dams not actually made for sex like a condom?? Now I learned something

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