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Yikes, this art is rough, to put it politely.

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I like the story.

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Heavy way to start the day but I loved it. Reminds me of Sazanka

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DR2 Hajime Hinata
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The art isn't the best (which is expected of a newcomer, I hope their art improves like mochi's did) which made me think it would be just another generic story but it touched my heart. Don't judge a book by it's cover, kids!

"The only time I felt really sad was when I decided to forget about you. I was totally devastated. Like there was a hole in my heart. No morning could bring peace to my mind and every night only deepened my sadness"

I felt that

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i feel sad and depressed but at the same time happy for them
this is just some mixed emotions

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Thanks, The Macaron Press !

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I don't have any technical comments to make on this work since I am not smart enough to, but I'd like to express that I really liked this story personally because I feel like I have been unfair to someone in the past too and this does do a good job of painting that picture, is it really the people's fault? was it the situation? was it something in between?
I wasn't able to figure it back then, I wasn't able to figure it today, but one thing that remained the same was forgetting seemed way more cruel.
So I hope to see more of author-san's work in future

The Macaron Press you're doing a great job, I wish y'all and the people working with y'all have success in your endeavours, it's really good to see someone doing something new to kinda change the independent publishing scene. Godspeed!

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"Subtext" my ass.

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The Macaron Press Uploader
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Hello all!
For where we are at right now, we leave distribution of the localizations largely up to the authors. This means that sometimes they surprise us. In the case of Once Again, With You..., Touki has put up a version with color cover illustrations for sale on Booth both digitally and physically. The physical versions ship worldwide! (I've just a bought a few myself to test out the system, seems like it will work.)
The text is identical to the free digital versions, so these are being sold purely to support Touki. If you're interested, you can find them...

Digital Edition
Physical Edition

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At least it had a conclusive ending. It being a happy end is just icing, the fact that it ended in a conclusive manner is far a bigger deal for me.

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That was really damn good. And honestly I don't blame Emily. She was just a kid back then, so it's not surprising she began thinking the way she did. And she owned up to her mistake and properly changed. That's what we call good character development

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