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joined May 25, 2019

Well it was good and different I like it!

joined Jan 11, 2019

Surprisingly good

joined Mar 6, 2020

Aawwwn I love this

joined Jan 23, 2020

I didn't expect to like it but it really suprised me! Nice.

joined Jun 13, 2016

ahhh!!!! blessed by sexy akiba detectives once again. im deceased. so good. thank you guys never stop scanlating gems

joined Jul 15, 2016

This is actually pretty endearing, and I know some people are icked out on this large of a gap between them, but this is actually pretty good. The only bad thing about this is that, WE DIDN'T SEE THE PAINTING!!! I wanted to see it

joined Jan 18, 2016

Did not expect to be this immersed in this but wow, that was fantastic

joined Apr 3, 2020

age gap + mature women. I loved it

DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

I'm sorry but I couldn't really take it seriously until the end because it just kept on reminding me of that knockoff 50 Shades of Gray type movie from The Office that Andy, Pam, and Jim watched with Jack Black and Cloris Leachman as the couple

joined Apr 22, 2020

why not? when we expand the realm of what we find beautiful life is

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joined Aug 12, 2013

Honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

joined May 3, 2014

sorry but I had to skip a few pages cuz there is no way I’m looking at an old lady doing it with some one more that half her age!!

joined Jul 26, 2016

sorry but I had to skip a few pages cuz there is no way I’m looking at an old lady doing it with some one more that half her age!!

┐( ˘_˘)┌
Your loss.

joined Aug 20, 2020

Oh my god this is a treasure


joined Aug 19, 2015

Me: This is way above my age gap threshold.
10 pages later me: uhm I'm into this.

Also this is now my headcanon future for those playgirl/ladykiller 2nd love interests that get rejected by the mc.

joined Dec 29, 2019

Oh, this one-shot it's a treasure. Very interesting. Age gaps like this are rare, but appreciated.

joined Oct 1, 2020

Read through this again, and I'm blown away by how evocative it feels. We definitely need more yuri stories that include unconventional dynamics and scenarios. On a related note, wise-yet-goofy old women are an excellent character archetype, so it's great to see some rep.

joined Nov 14, 2014

Damn this was amazing!

Aaaand she was an uke after all xD

joined Oct 6, 2014

Daamn this is good. Didnt know what to expect at first but I love the personalities of both protagonists. And the art is beautiful.

joined Nov 12, 2020

oh this was unique, and good

joined Aug 13, 2020

never mind the painting like. we don't even get to see the grandma's titties?!?!? a crime against gilf lovers

joined Jan 4, 2021

Aww man, I wanted to see the painting

joined Feb 8, 2016

I hope Mikawa-sensei adds to this one-shot or a collection. So many emotions brought out here such as self-worth, wisdom of age, and more, that it made it such a beautiful read. As someone getting on in years (in body only, I'm still a teenager at heart!) I appreciated how she showed that beauty doe s not necessarily end with age. I'm making this a favorite one.

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