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Oh, this is interesting. Yuri does not typically touch on people that old. Very nice one-shot.

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Not too often that you see yuri manga featuring more mature women, especially women that mature, but I am here for it!

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hotel, trivago

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Jajajaja Bread, chucha.

En fin. Mmm me gustó bastante este desarrollo y está temática. No es común verlo y que sea bien desarrollado. Me ha parecido precioso, I need moar of this age gap.

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Priceless indeed. I'm feeling gayer than ever and slightly less afraid of getting older. The power of good yuri~

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Hmm, im not the type to be intersted in that kind of mature but this is pretty nice angst.

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Now THIS is an age gap! I dont see many yuri stories involving mature women like this, especially gilfs. But I really loved the story, the angst was just perfect and it got me a lil emotional. As someone in their mid 20s I do not fear my value will be lost once I turn 30. Would be lovely to share a mature romance someday too.

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So we don't see the painting?

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Pg.28 Reminded me when Po thought his master was death and he (The master) shouted "I ain't Dead!" or something like that.

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Talk about a age gap! I want anthology of this old lady's escapades as a true stud till the end lol

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That's not safe for work(?)

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I never knew this is what I needed, until I knew I needed it.

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maybe i like age gap stories after all...

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Very nice story; I definitely agree with the afterword and credits page about how it's a good thing that Shizuko did not die at the end.

Also, whenever I see an age gap this big I can't help but remember this one-shot.

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This was a great read! should have nsfw tag, no?

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Damn what if I wanted to see the painting too :/

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I didn’t think I’d be into an age gap that large but damn older lady has got game.

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So we don't see the painting?

I was really hoping we'd get to see it

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I thought we would never see it since it would have been subjected to criticisms.

Still, I loved it and this is a masterpiece.

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Never thought I would get to read a lesbian sugar mama story with a happy ending, but I'm happy I lived to see it.

May Queen Elizabeth bless shizuko with immortality.

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This was wonderful. Loved every page

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Can we please see the painting :(((( im ded i need to see it

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Wow, this is so unique. I don't know if there's anything else quite like this out there.

Also that fakeout made me flip off my screen, but I was definitely happier with the ending they chose.

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Well there is an eroticism to young/old relationships and this definitely captured it in addition to being sweet and wholesome.

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