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Is it okay having a thread about yuri and shoujo-ai-ish artwork, manga, etc. involving fantasy size scenarios in terms of the character's size? There are many different approaches to this. These come to mind, ordered from most to least common from my experience as far as I remember:

1) Normal girl x Tiny girl
2) Normal girl x Giant girl
3) Giant couple
4) Tiny couple
5) Giant girl x Much larger giant girl
6) Tiny girl x Much smaller tiny girl
7) Giant girl x Tiny girl

I find it interesting how No.1 seems to be the predominating trend in yuri, while in het shonen it seems to be No.2, like in Onideka, Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 or, back in the 1980s, Morumo 1/10. Probably because yuri is mostly a much more intimate demographic, I guess?

Personally the combination I'm the more curious about is No.5, probably because of the smaller giant being a mix of No.1's tiny and No.2's giant in her interactions. But that's seriously rare already. Can you imagine a yuri / shoujo-ai manga like that? Apple ( has some stuff this kind, usually involving growth and reversal:

This almost feels like bizarro Dr. Hitomi's Infirmary, doesn't it?

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I'm reading one with a mini girl right now, I wouldn't dare to call it yuri yet but it's from a very heavy teaser author

One has to be careful, when there's a large size gap, chances are that the author is into vore fetish... It gets very dangerous haha.

There's also Kazo who does beautiful coloring and HUUUUUUUUGE butts

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When you think about it, Fate Grand Order would easily do for a VLSG harem yuri oneshot or series, which I think it could be a lot of fun. Granblue Fantasy, too:

But apparently there's none like that. Interestingly most macrophile artists will draw normal-sized characters becoming huge or tiny rather than actual giant characters. And most yuri doujin artists don't seem interested in either franchise.

This was drawn by Craytm (

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