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So yet another yuri ship tease manga ends without resolution. We sure get a lot of those.

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Ends? Wait, I thought there was still more!

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Ends? Wait, I thought there was still more!

I mean, it's not like this chapter didn't include the table of contents for this final volume clearly showing that this was the first chapter of the volume, not the last.

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This is so good holy moly. Awesome scanning work too!

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This really was something special. What started as a rival dynamic got better with some surprisingly realistic and gritty gripes of showbiz that really elevates it. The way they support each other is amazing, and there are so many very not straight interactions that it only being a subtext series still gives me whiplash. Someone mentioned these girls having more chemistry than even canon yuri's out there and they're right. I mean depending on how you choose to read it, Yumiko has gotten the blessings of Chika's mother and the next morning Watanabe gives a psuedo confession scene. Chika's also just really eager to touch some boobs. I really wish this series got more attention and I wish I could understand the LN's.

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....So, I know the manga's ended. Are the novels still going?

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Volume 7 came out in June. At minimum at least one more volume is needed to conclude the story arc which started in Volume 6, and there are no particular indications that they intend on stopping.

As for the manga, the story arc which everybody said 'felt like an ending' was the conclusion of the LN's Volume 1. It looks like the remainder of the manga chapters will cover part of Volume 2.

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A second volume?,
I thought chapter 12 was the end of the manga.

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A second volume?,
I thought chapter 12 was the end of the manga.

If you bother checking the Table of Content that is in Chapter 12, you will notice that Volume 3 go from Chapter 12 to 16 + Extra, and that's just it

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Ahaha yes I'm sure our main duo are the first idols/seiyuu to ever have had their hidden sides revealed, clearly they are now the one and only reason public facing figures like them get criticized and scrutinized on their every word and gesture. Absolutely no one before this thought about how their favorite celebrities really are behind the scenes, nope not at all.

Bitch please.

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I'm kinda disappointed. The fakeout was just, I dunno, why.

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It's sad that this is so short because I really like the concept, I also like the rivalry of the two mains

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cant go a chapter without some shitty drama eh

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I really love this one specially their bonds! The art style and the details, even tho the update is slow I don't mind coz I always check em' everyday lol.
I hope they will finish this manga up to 16 chapters(⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠) hehe♡

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Why the fuck did their staffs not bother to include security in their talks, creeps disguised as fans are literally stalking them at their school, it’s not gonna take that much for them to go as far as probably stalking them to their homes or probably bribing a faculty member for information

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Nice disguises.

And it's time to start to rise again!

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The yuribait is so strong, but also so delicious D;

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people calling this yuribait have no idea what that word actually means anyway it's nice to see that series might actually get finished after i had given up hope on it, it's quite neat. looking forward to the anime

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Quite a nice direction this seems to be taking, even with the negativity still in the air around them.

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Wish the LN's for this were translated because I want to see what direction their relationship goes in the future

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That's that last bit of uneasiness solved as well. ^_^

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Last chapter of the volume, but it doesn't really feel like a last chapter... Maybe I'm remembering wrong and there is another volume after this?

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Last chapter of the volume, but it doesn't really feel like a last chapter... Maybe I'm remembering wrong and there is another volume after this?

The series is only 3 volumes long apparently (And the TV anime is set to air in 2024, though I don't think an exact date has been shared yet)

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