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joined Mar 20, 2017

So... a weeb mermaid?

joined Nov 13, 2018

it's been so long since i've read ma3

joined Jul 1, 2020

Diabetes but too short TT

joined Feb 24, 2019

Yay, more from this anthology! And more from this artist! What a cute little story. I hope this means that the rest of the anthology isnstill being worked on.

joined Jul 1, 2020

Also 10/10

joined Jan 27, 2016

Weeb mermaid

joined Apr 5, 2020

What a weeb

joined Mar 13, 2014

All right, since Nanako's manga already got serialized, this one can be next.

joined Jul 19, 2015

Oh god the French was incredibly cursed

joined Dec 9, 2014

I like how the fourth wall kinda breaks here with author having the mermaid say that there are weebs in Europe lol. The author knows we're reading.

I wonder how Anastasia watched anime into the sea though. Electronics and books don't really work underwater.

joined Apr 18, 2016

Tfw no weeb siren gf

joined Jul 12, 2020

I'm having KINMOZA Karen deja vu

joined Aug 29, 2018

Weeb mermaid!

joined Aug 19, 2019

I didn't know mermaids could be weebs lol

Firefly Fanatic
joined Feb 22, 2019

Lesbian otaku mermaid gf. I approve.

joined Jul 26, 2016

I didn't know mermaids could be weebs lol

Eh, it's just a question of proper waterproofing o3o

joined Mar 3, 2019

More, please.


joined Feb 14, 2018

wish i could be... part of your mangaaaa~

joined May 28, 2011

pg 7, "your warmth through your your lips..."

joined Nov 5, 2017

weeb mermaid weeb mermaid weeb mermaid

also this was pretty cute haha

joined Apr 25, 2020

"I'm a girl, you know." The phrase I hate the most.

joined May 26, 2020

If the the French, lesbian, otaku mermaid had cat ears...

joined Mar 18, 2018

I would actually like this tho become a whole series.
It's cute, got a great art style and an intresting premis~ I could see it continue for Maybe one or two volumes

joined Jan 9, 2017

Ahh yes French, the stand in for English when localising Japanese stories.

I kinda feel like we are the Winners in these scenarios

joined Mar 6, 2020

Me who is a french girl after reading this : I am happy to see a french weeb girl in a Yuri manga
( ꈍᴗꈍ)

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