ForumNews Dynasty-scans will be temporarily unavailable for host migration on Sunday/Monday July 26/27

MrEngenious Admin
Dynasty Scans
joined Oct 8, 2010

GOD, the one who hosts the website for us without cost to us, needs to migrate the site over to a new host.

The migration will begin around Monday, July 27th 01:00 UTC. I was going to convert these to easier times for everyone but then I would just be listing all the time zones for the world when instead you can just take a grand ol' visit to Google-sensei.

As for the estimated time it will take I'll update this post if I get a clear estimate but for now I can say that it will take several hours at the minimum.

Edit: The estimate provided is roughly 3 - 6 hours. I would, personally, lean towards the 6 just so that anything less would be a bonus.

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joined Aug 1, 2019

This news troubles me. Is everything going alright there on the administration/technical end of things?

joined Oct 22, 2018

I can only hope that it gets resolved while I'm asleep. Knowing my sleeping schedule these last few days, I'll likely still be awake for the migration to begin.

joined Oct 28, 2016

For those living in the hongkong, philippine area, it would be 6pm on the same day

joined Jun 20, 2020

Will the web address change?

joined Jan 14, 2020

It's 12 UTC now, is the process over?

It's 12 UTC now, is the process over?

It says "Monday, July 27th"

joined Oct 22, 2018

^^ They're talking about 26th and 27th of July. Today's the 20th

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joined May 10, 2014

Thanks for the warning. Hope there's no issues.

joined Mar 23, 2016

Will this affect my bookmarks?

joined Feb 17, 2013

Will it have the same address? I assume yes? Also, do you know if the site will have the same bandwidth or lower data caps etc? I hope the new host is nice and stable..

Anyways hope it all goes smoothly- I've know idea how it's done but seems like it would be a hard thing to do!

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joined Apr 20, 2013

Good to know before it's inevitable, thanks! guess we just have to wait, we're eternally grateful for the host

MrEngenious Admin
Dynasty Scans
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The web address shall remain the same. It is the data and database that is being moved over.

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Will it have that new site smell once it's done?

joined Apr 20, 2013

Feel free to leave behind "Happy End" during the transfer

joined Oct 22, 2018

^ Lmao

joined Feb 6, 2020

Good to let us know, I hope it would be ok. "Happy Ending" for everyone

joined Oct 1, 2014

I got worried for a second and almost cried. It's not the end, I feel relieved. So, only for a few hours, huh? Okay.

joined Jul 9, 2020

For us Europeans: 1 UTC is 3am in the Central European Time (Italy, Spain, France, Germany etc)

joined Apr 5, 2018

we're eternally grateful for the host

Extremely grateful to the host. I didn't know it was being done for free. I was always wondering if I should find a way to contribute to the site since I'm a regular visitor. So big thanks to everyone who helps keep this site running.

joined Jan 11, 2014

I hope that might fix some of the server issues y'all been having.

joined Jul 26, 2019

I hope this migration would fix some server crash issue, because i'm tired of crashing while reading.

joined Aug 19, 2019

We're willing to be patient, I hope everything turns out well :)

Yuri Otaku Taku
joined Aug 3, 2016

Will the migration cause changes? Good or bad changes, either one.

joined Apr 27, 2018

Hope things turn out well

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