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I've been re-reading the manga and it's surprising how many times Toudou brings up Yomotsuka. It's in almost all chapters. When she's touching her kouhai she thinks about how Yomotsuka's touch was on another level, she threatens Shirashiro with telling Yomotsuka about her sword and it's dissapointed when Sports Girl's groping skills don't match up to Yomotsuka's.

I don't know how future chapters will develop Toudou's relationship with the other girls, but the one who did the greatest impact was Yomotsuka for sure.

Conversely, I'm really not feeling her relationship with glasses best friend. In the case they end up going further, I can just hope Toudou enjoys herself.

I have noticed the same thing and made sure to check. Yomotsuka is mentioned by Toudou in every single chapter except Chapter 9. She is constantly on her mind.

Another aspect that I find relevant is that Toudou had prior relationships with several of her victims. Kamisada was her bully and it is implied at least that Kamisada was interested in Toudou before the potion (which is why she focused on bullying her specifically so much and why she was into her even after it wore off, unlike Ookada or Shirashiro). Of course her best friend who is an open lesbian and is physically attracted to her (I am not so sure about the "crush" the narration mentioned, seems very physical only to me) exists, but she is clearly a no-go as Toudou can't see her as anything more than a friend. Hanei Rin is the only one we get direct confirmation of being in love with Toudou without any love potion involvement.

What matters here is that, while many of the girls may have had an eye on Toudou before, Toudou herself has admitted she was focused on Yomotsuka even before the love potion. In chapter 1 she even starts to question why she "hated" her so much to begin with. I believe Mochi subtly tried to imply since chapter 1 that Toudou was intrerested in Yomotsuka and all the following events just strengthened that interest. Her going out of her way to test a love potion on a girl she "hates" is in itself kind of strange to begin with. Of course her justification of not minding to poison someone she dislikes or the fact that it would be shameful for Yomotsuka are believable, but it is not out of question that she subconsciously wished to be loved by Yomotsuka.

So while she likes the attention and admiration of others, the one she herself admires is a completely different matter and thus more powerful than any other relationship in my opinion. And Yomotsuka being an implied experienced lesbian really does help a lot, as she doesnt deny her attraction to Toudou and would be fine making her hers, but also respects Toudou's own choices. If they were to become lovers Yomotsuka wants Toudou to come to her.

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What matters here is that, while many of the girls may have had an eye on Toudou before, Toudou herself has admitted she was focused on Yomotsuka even before the love potion.

I'm omitting the rest of your response because I didn't want the comment to be too big, but I still wanted to make you know that I agreed with the points you brought.

So, I focused on this part because I also noticed in my rereading that Yomotsuka is the only one that gets a nice description that goes beyond the benefits dating her would bring to Toudou. She calls Yomotsuka smart, reliable and says she's got a strong sense of justice. Of the others, she can recognize and awknowledge they look cute or sexy, but they don't get more than a "this is who this person is and this is my relationship with them".

Sidenote, despite her initial attack being caused by love poison/potion, Yomotsuka was 100% right about Toudou being very charming even with her worst qualities.

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Wow, she got her cherry popped. Good for her.

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I don't remember them having sex when I read the raws, is this a volume exclusive, the raws I read had pages missing or was my Japanese just that bad back then?

Volume exclusive. There are other small changes, and the raws are higher quality. That's why we are technically caught up right now :P

My apologies for taking 50 years to reply back but are there any other changes in the other volumes? I'm thinking of picking up the 2nd and 3rd volumes myself if they include some small but context changing additions like this one.

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I really hope we get more of this soon, I really wanna see what's gonna happen to Itsuki

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Hi, my friends and I are wondering when the sequel may come out, we are from Russia and we are really waiting.

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It's certainly been a while since the last update. I wonder what happened

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god I love Toudou she's so shitty, haha

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[11] sorry this chapter took me so damn long.

i made this sticker that you can use on your discord servers and other places, hopefully that is enough to forgive the wait...

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The punch is well-deserved, since Toudou is a real perv. She's a shameless player, always ready to drug girls.

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[11] sorry this chapter took me so damn long.

i made this sticker that you can use on your discord servers and other places, hopefully that is enough to forgive the wait...

Don't worry about it. It makes me happy you are the one translating this story, I love Toudou.

Another punching no-girlfriend for Toudou. I hope we get her and Kamisada to fight for her (btw, Kamisada looks adorable with her short hair, though it's still a bit shocking that is blue, of all colors).

What I love about Toudou is that she always makes things worse for herself, even if the situation wasn't originally her fault. And it's hilarious how it seems she is actually very charming to all the girls around her (her scene with Kamisada was very cute).

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it's still a bit shocking that is blue, of all colors

yeah, i was surprised by this too!

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God i missed this so much, how much raw ch there is? It was quite the time since the last tl ch so i asume some more

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Once again every bad thing that happens to Toudou is her own damn fault because she can't quit when she's ahead. Leave it to this dummie to take the universal gesture for "hug" as an invitation for groping.

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severely underrated manga due to people only looking at the art but never noticed the author who works on it,

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I missed this so much.

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Thanks for the translation, no worries about the wait!

Interesting to see that she's making progress without the potion, and getting deeper into the gay harem hole lmao

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[11] sorry this chapter took me so damn long.

No worries! Thank you for doing it. This is not a super popular title, but it's one of my favorites so I really appreciate it.

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I love watching this moron dig her own hole deeper

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She should go to a yuri-themed lesbian brothel to prove once and for all that she's not into yuri. Get Ruruka to work there first so she has someone to rescue. Break up with Ruruka, have an orgy with all the girls, and marry Makoto. But the entire time, fake all her orgasms. That will be the test.

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This image will always be relevant for every chapter.

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She's kind of clever for someone who's such a fucking moron.

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I still ship Toudou with Yomotsuka lol. Also does anyone else want Yuina and Kamisada to date?

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my fcking god this is so stupidly hilarious XD!!

now this is the kind of shithead I can get behind of. Honestly though, how she managed to dig a bigger hole for herself in every new chapter is amazing. This time she didn't even need to use the love tea!

This will either end in a blood bath with everyone fighting over her, or killing her so everyone has a part, and I'm all here for it!!!!

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God this is so hilarious XD. Still on team kouhai or yomotsuka

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