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I'm still feeling a bit of a poly tag for Hinase, Kaname and Hinako. In chapter 59 apparently Hinako said 'she didn't want to be distracted with other things' when she and Kaname were together and in 71 she implies she went through extra efforts to look nice for Kaname in her partially obscured text. Then of course the blatant and gratuitous hand holding going on between Hinase and Hinako. Not to mention Hinako gives off total disaster lesbian vibes. Regardless, Hinase and Hinako are best couple.

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This chapter was way too cute, I was giggling so much at the handholding.. I am ded. This chapter screamed date vibe. Also, I find handholding way more intimate than clinging to a friend’s arm.

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This forum is nuts, I honestly really don’t know why everyone hates Hiiagre so much. I get that’s she’s hella edgy/emo/whatever and has a severe inferiority complex. But like some of y’all need to chill. Like damn she isn’t my favorite character too but y’all coming for her throat.

This might have been relevant a few weeks ago, when all we knew of her was angst and antisocial behavior. Did you somehow send your post forward in time by accident?

Inb4 Hiiragi relapses into depression and snaps in chapter 100 of the manga, becoming an axe murderer who kills the entire cast. There'll be a huge flame war among School Zone fans about whether this was justified, and OP actually travelled back in time to promote #HiiragiDidNothingWrong. The future is now, folks.

Sir, this is Wendy's

To be honest I don’t remember writing this yesterday, I think I was scanning the forums around the chapter with the note on the back? I don’t remember, it was 4am and I had to get up in 3 hours. But can I order 20 chicken nuggets??

Sure, that will be 5 dollar.

Damn I only have 2 dollars. How much does a beach episode cost? I have like a few happy go lucky yuri pairing pics I can trade

Sir, once again I'm telling you this is Wendy's

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This series is so fantastic. It's the perfect balance of slice of life comedy hijinks with actual character growth and romance. I love it so much

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ponytail yokoe is good

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It always the quiet one.

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I feel a little bit itch in my heart when it comes to Yokoe's love story

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Why is she confused

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sees (technically second-to-)last page

Oh, so that's where the image Orange posted in the CBR discord server is from!

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Don’t “Huh?” me, this shit is painfully obvious!

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Yokoe is getting more and more flanderized lol, soon she will be a carbon copy of tanaka from joshimuda except smoking hot

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(Ch. 72) Hinako is my favorite disaster lesbian.

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It's bad "Huh" or good "Huh"

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It's bad "Huh" or good "Huh"

The type of "Huh" when you just feel like "Huh". Ya' know?

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Whenever I read this series it's far too obvious that Yokoe is interested in Kei and it shows but tbh I doubt i'd notice if I were actually in this scenario, so yeah I kinda feel for Yatsude lol, also they all look great in those swimsuits! Especially Kei

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Yatsude, the yuri detective.

It seems like she over analyzes everything and is far from actually figuring things out. Also it seems to me like Yatsude is way closer to Kei than Rei.

Yatsude probably hung out with Fuji, who is the most predictable person on the planet, and somehow convinced herself that she's a mastermind because Fuji constantly asks her for advice. Now that she'd dealing with some real insanity, she's pissed at her lack of insight, and further annoyed by how Fuji and Tsubaki are both growing their friend circles. Therefore, Yatsude's tendency to randomly grab everything within sight is actually a coping mechanism that she uses to deal with all her friends eventually leaving her behind. She's lesbian Barney Stinson, y'all.

(Ch. 73) This post was from a few chapters back and it’s startlingly prescient. Our wallflower solved the equation pretty much instantly here, where the past couple chapters’ detective work failed—I think she’s like the only character with any emotional intelligence.

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I am happy now.

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tsubaki broke the code yall she knows

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Oh, Yokoe in a swimsuit and a ponytail... She might be an absolute moron, but, damn... She's the reason why I was eager for this beach episode.

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Yatsude.exe has encountered an unexpected error and stopped working

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We hope so too tsubaki

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tsubaki's literally spoiling the story for yatsude smh

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Well, that was the best chapter so far for me lol. Fantastic comedy and a very interesting ending. These four could do something together again, I liked their dynamics.

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Tsubaki...Savage Genius.
No wonder her sister is so moody all time. She just can't compare.

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Tsubaki to Yatsude:

When you were partying
I studied The Lesbians

When you were spanking random idiots
I mastered The Art of the Conversation

While you wasted your days at the club trying to see people's underwear,
I cultivated Yuri Goggles

And now that Yokoe is about to confess to Kei and Fuji is getting a girlfriend, you have the audacity to go 'Huh?'

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