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Chapter 7 ending is kinda...???

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Don't know about all of you, but I've been waiting for them to fuck properly on a bed for the longest time.

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There's absolutely no excuse for Chapter 7 not having a Rape tag. What was the uploader thinking?

Also lol at the bully and friend sideplot being dropped like a hot potato as soon as the author wrung out the obligatory sex scene

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Where tf is the rape tag???

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what the fuck have i read... what was the sister drama for in the first place lmao

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Jasjdjajja i feel like... things happened too fast, that was one of the strangest transitions I've seen from sadness to sex in a very long time. Jaajajaja

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I don't care about the leads. Why was the side couple's conclusion skipped when it's only a few more pages added?

joined Apr 2, 2018

What... What happened? I feel like everything is 2x speed and at least 3 chapters are missing. Also yeah, chapter 7 sex scene was super rapeish and just weird

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I can’t tell if this manga tried to have a plot or just wanted it be a hentai in disguise. What’s with that rushed ending? Chapter 7 was just pure rape... I wasn't feeling it TwT

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Porn logic

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Shame about the pacing on the last two chapters, smut was still alright though.

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we need a "not wholesome" tag as well

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Wait...what? I'm confused now...

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I too have lost many girlfriends by being ill for a few days.

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Dat last panel was a confusing, i thought after they did it she came out for the big sister

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The never ending mystery of how a school uniform makes your boobs smaller

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It was ok

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Seriously though, who the fuck has sex in school anyways lol, I see all these hentai about students having sex in places like the storage room, homeroom after school, empty clubrooms as if they wouldn't get caught irl......unless?

I had sex in school like every other day of my last semester in highschool. Storage rooms, closets, bathrooms, the greenhouse, during class in the back row. There's options. The only times I got caught was after I basically didn't care at all and was a being of pure hubris. There were no consequences though because people would rather ignore a problem if they can.

i can understand behind closed doors like empty classrooms, storage rooms etc. but in the BACK ROW OF CLASS? LMFAOOOO

I'm not going to pretend I made good decisions lol. Hand stuff is totally doable without getting caught if you're good at hiding your expressions though. Although one time a guy asked my partner of they were laughing at him when actually they just came.

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I have a soft spot for Happy coitus

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Ch8 went from 0 to 100 rl quick

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I mean, I guess it's nice they sorted out their feelings and even came out to the sister, but it feels like the manga got axed and the author had to up the pace to get everything sorted

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how tf yall dont understand!? its all so clear for me lol i love this

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I fucking knew it!!

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This was really good. Only thing I'll say is that they should've gotten more creative with sex scenes. Girl on girl sex is more than just what was shown but nonetheless, still one of my favorites. Also would prefer a better start off than her being forceful in the beginning and then they just made it her personality I guess. Being forceful is not at all a good trait to have.

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