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SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! 10/10

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A little cliche, but cute.

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What, it's already over?! I literally just got into it, damn it!!

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Where's the happy ending kiss we need T-T

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Needs time skipped epilogue.

Glad to see someone took initiative to get it translated and published in english. It will perhaps generate a few thousand copies in sales.

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ARGHH!! Too good and too short!!!

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good but i wanted a time skip with them living together or something

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Super cute!! Needs a little time skip bonus chapter!! <3

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Ha! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy

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I want more... At least 1 more chapter...

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I wish it showed them dating...

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Manga is pretty cliché'd but I like the author's stories. They're generally quite fluff with just enough drama. Hopefully someone will pick up her other age gap series about the girl going into debts and having to live with the debt collector.

Edit: I just saw that renta licensed said series. Gonna check that out later (It's called Want to sell me your body?)

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Can I just mention that Rinko's work clothes make her look like a pokemon trainer.

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Seriously!? That's it!? And we didn't even get a good romantic kiss out of it. What a freaking cop out!

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Thanks for uploading this story. I also liked the country x city gal yuri it was cute and endearing. As far as someone said it had tropes halfway through, but that doesn't bother me as long as tropes aren't particularly the only thing, which is not the case here. And there are many tropes I'd rather see than frankly the gross, abusive and plain sick stuff pasted off as good entertainment today. I found this a great short love story and really wish it was longer.

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That was a very nice ending. If such a thing really had never occurred to her, then 3 months to think about it before being overwhelmed with the need to see her might not be unrealistic. But... kiss, kiss, where's the closing kiss!?

I had the definite impression that Rinko is gay and that her grandma knows it. (And has a good idea that Rinko is going for Takase-san.)

Yuri goggles at 150%! ...I mean I was way off on this one.

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Great story until they end until they ended it before anything interesting could happen.

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*Furiously taps on screen* Moar! WE NEED MOAR! jkjk I know this is the end

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wholesome adult shoujo ai is the only thing keeping me alive in 2020

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^ slightly annoyed, but obviously tired almost to sleep voice: shoujo-ai isn't a thing. drops asleep on the keyboard

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I appreciate that the author took the time to show Takase getting along with Tanaka, and that she didn't stop writing her letters just because her delivery person had changed. It would've been pretty easy to just have a few panels of her saying to herself that she could still get along with people.

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It was mostly enjoyable, but the ending felt a little rushed.

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It went from 0 to 150km/h in two seconds

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Oh, now I understand why the development seemed so rushed to me. There were only three chapters. It was cute tho.

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