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joined Feb 11, 2013

At first the development seemed like 0 to 100, but after reading it again I discovered the signs of Yoshino already liking Shibata, so sweet short story!

joined Aug 27, 2013

The warmest and yet the teariest work I’ve read in a while with so much life in it. Kitty, I hope you do well in heaven and watch your hooman. We just don’t deserve cats, these fluffy balls of tenderness, and strength to everyone whose cat died. I too remember it sometimes and get very sad.

joined May 25, 2014

I thought the author's name was familiar, it's the person behind Octave (definitely worth a read if you haven't).

joined Sep 22, 2015

^ Yeah!! The art was so familiar..! Haru-sensei of Octave is back! I couldn't be happier! Keep the adult yuri coming, please! I wish they could continue this story.
*That vivid dream would make me really sad too.. I mean that's 10 out of the blue.

joined Feb 23, 2016

Awww :3

joined Aug 6, 2013

Holy shit, author of Octave! I enjoyed this a lot, but realizing the author afterward made my day. Hopefully this means there's more in the works!

joined Feb 17, 2013

Being a cat-person, I was just AWWWW.

joined Jun 22, 2013

I thought this art looked familiar! Glad to see one of my favorite authors back in the game!

joined Jun 12, 2019

This was nice

joined Feb 15, 2019

This was horrible!!!! Reasons being
1. too short
2. not a series
So all kidding aside, this was great.

joined Jan 19, 2017

Ah, the author of Octave. It's interesting how distinct the characters' dialogue felt. They don't talk like how manga characters usually talk.

Would be nice to see why Yoshina likes Shibata. The hints of her liking Shibata are clear; why she likes her is completely unknown though. If anything, I thought Yoshina liking Shibata was sudden. Same issue, not clear why she likes Yoshina.

joined Sep 1, 2017

A weirdly vivid dream about your long dead cat means: Lay off the late night snacks!

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joined Nov 14, 2016

This one goes to my favs.
Also it's great that the author of Octave made something new, I hope we get more yuri from them, this oneshot was perfect.

joined May 24, 2015

Oof, that cat dream hits a bit too close to home.
I sometimes hallucinate my cat walking around a corner or the sound of their meows (I had three, all distinct). I even keep a second office chair next to me at all times because one of them loved to sit next to me. I absentmindedly reach over to see if one is there and I feel nylon, all the memories come back to me...
Manga was cute and relaxing.

joined Oct 7, 2017

I definitely cried a little thinking of my own cat. she was so small and sweet, always cuddling with someone day or night. she didn't deserve what happened to her.

joined Apr 19, 2018

Thanks Sexy Akiba Detectives, I just needed something like this right now, I was stuck doing the same shit over the past few days too
This was nice change from other stories

joined Sep 6, 2018

I haven’t read this yet, but I noticed the mangaka is the one who wrote “Octave”. I’m prepared to be impressed... (Edit: aaaand I am!

Hot ink pens! Welcome back, legendary mangaka! Please do continue your fabulous work!)

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I’m biting my tongue... the cat dream is suggestively funny, but I don’t want to make it appear I’m belittling her A+ work.

joined Sep 23, 2014

I dream of my cat too sometimes. The protagonist lives alone too apparently; for a woman pov living alone makes you go through a vortex of emotions sometimes.

joined Jan 27, 2020

Is the character on the credits page from a manga? Which one?

joined May 29, 2019

relatable, beautiful "your feelings are valid" energy

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Is the character on the credits page from a manga? Which one?

Dark Forest, White Road

joined Aug 19, 2019

Watching this while laying next to my cat just made this all the more sad, beautiful story honestly.

joined Mar 22, 2020

Man this was beautiful... I need more work from this author!!! :)

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wow this author is back with yuri nice

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