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Wait what, my currency is that low? Lol

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Wait what, my currency is that low? Lol

Yes bro

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Wholesome indeed

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thank god for this masterpiece

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This was incredibly cute. New artist to look out for!

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Hyoo, an Indonesian reference. Though not good of a reference

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I am so here for the wholesome tag, this was adorable

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Reminded me of what Yukari and Nyamo from Azumanga Daioh would be like in a relationship.

Marked it as a favorite without hesitation.

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Damn i'm feeling spoiled, a lot of original fluff stuff out recently, hehe

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We certainly are getting a lot of “trouble in paradise” style slice of life yuri lately. Are the lesbian mangakas ok?

Maybe regular day-to-day "relatable" stuff seems marketable now.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times? Ex, lesbian relationships becoming more normalized/mainstream. I kind of like how we’re getting more adult life Yuri instead of just school girl Yuri (lots of but it’s forbidden love, figuring out your gay (but the ones where they just go for it are refreshing))... it’s nice where it’s already established they are a couple, since previously it was a lot of will they/won’t they/confessing.

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S-so wholesome!! I love how it's fluffy but still feels realistic, makes it all the sweeter~

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Okada and Sumire apply different relational models to doing household chores: Okada believes they are in Equality Matching, while Sumire clearly sees it as Communal Sharing (in fact, this is Fiske's textbook example of it). That's why you must keep talking about your relationships. :-)

Communal Sharing? I call it The Path of Destruction they leave in their wake which they maybe clean part of it every month or two.

I guess it's clear whose side I take in the doujin lol

wow that was cute

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Living together is always messy in one sense or the other

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That was so wholesome :3
Every time I see a black long hair character, I remember Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura "w"

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Wow this author is great. Their stories are so touching and nice to read

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We certainly are getting a lot of “trouble in paradise” style slice of life yuri lately. Are the lesbian mangakas ok?

I am replying a year later but if someone has more works like that it would be appreciated

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this was a short read but it felt so real. this is why adult life would always be the superior genre in fictions for me.

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