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"I love you"
"we will never be more than friends"
...? why are we lesbians so useless.....

I have a friend that says that to me and here we are being just friends.

would love to see a little bit more about these two in the future.

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Wholesome, adorable, YES I APPROVE

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this one left me a bit confused and a little conflicted. the mood whiplash wasnt nice, especially that fake out. This was far better than the borderline rape apology dumpster fire that was 'Melty Pudding' but on the whole, it was meh at best. too many stupid elements (fake-out, pushy douche friends) to be really good.

I much prefer the title story of this anthology.

Don't be that tough with the friends. Is repetitive patron on the yuri stories with friends involved, they didn't know what's happening between the main characters and get to be a nuisance when it comes to the "boyfriends" things. But they're not fortune tellers. How would they know?

I'm totally agree when you say that 'pudding' story was a trash.

The main story of the anthology is the best, the sequel on the other hand... i don't know why, makes me feel bad...

i don't think it matters if they knew or not, that kind of pressuring still wouldn't be cool even if those girls did want boyfriends.

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