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OrangePekoe Staff
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Seems like she should invest in a good mouth guard.

It really is wonderful to see more 2C=Galore translated recently! Really nice artist with plenty to offer!

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Wow! I love this kind of work! Wonderful adult couple!!

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Umm. . . how is this angsty? :c

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Not really angsty. It’s cute

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That was really nice. I'm glad I read the comments first, since I typically skip anything with the aaaaaaaaaaaaangst tag. This really needs a lighter tag, it was only mildly dramatic.

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This felt more wholesome than aaaaangst.

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I felt the angst coming from the short-haired girl throughout most of the story, so I thought it fit. Maybe people are conflating angst and drama, which are typically tags that are seen together. I have no issues reading stories with angst or drama, but when they're paired up it usually means a rough read.

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This is about a 1 on a 10 scale of aaaaaaangst. Very cute though

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This is angsty, It's just everyone's so used to larger doses of it lol

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Firm disagree with the aaaaaangst tag, as the girl said this is cute and adorable

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I'm kinda jealous úwù

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wow... a couple having a conversation instead of jumping right to sex to fix an issue. Do we even deserve?

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This ended pretty nice~

Lucas Magnus Uploader
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Many people seem to be conflating angst with drama. Angst is a general feeling of anxiety or insecurity about oneself. It applies here, even if it's a cutesy story.

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The author's handle is 2C=Galore. I wonder if that's a play on Pussy Galore from James Bond.

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Some authors fade to black, here we fade to chickens.

kokkei ukokkei

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There needs to be a division for the angst tag.
Like: Mild Angst Angst Aaaaaangst.

Same goes for the violence tag: Comedic Violence Mild Violence Moderate Violence Extreme Violence.

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Chicken Caught me off guard. Literal cockblock on readers.

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To much Aaaaaaaangst it make inmune to this low dosis.

joined Dec 9, 2019

Chicken Caught me off guard. Literal cockblock on readers.


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When the more masc person in the couple is a bottom its always a win in my book

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You mean those other manga with angst tag was actually hardcore and intermediate mode all this time?

and this is the peaceful mode? Dang

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It's like someone drew a manga of my life! Being so afraid to desire. Afraid that if she finds out how much you need her, you might scare her away, or worse, she might pity you. GAAAAAHHHH! This is so much!

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Communication is the key to a good relationship...

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