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joined Aug 12, 2019

[65] this may have taken forever to release, but at least you get some cool hand drawn fonts. enjoy it. also sachiyo is super cute

especially her hugging Ponko. they look so adorable.

joined Oct 2, 2021

Sachiyo and Ponko Yuri when?

joined Nov 8, 2017

I never expected to get so emotional over a series about a robot maid fucking shit up

joined Nov 8, 2017

Also, anyone else thought Machiko was Genji's daughter or am I just dumb?

joined Feb 9, 2019

[66] sorry for the delay on this one. (i seem to say this every time i upload a chapter these days...)

Gen was super mean in this one. Like fuck you dude. I know he's a stubborn old asshole, but that was too mean, even for him. I'm surprised Sachiyo didn't blow up worse than she did (I would have).

joined Jul 23, 2017

Thanks for the translation!

joined Aug 12, 2021

well ponko, it's been a good run to the scrapheap with you I suppose

joined Mar 19, 2022

He was such a massive fucking asshole in 66 it can't even be played as comedy. What kind of shitty father says that to their daughter?! And then he threatens Ponko with death immediately after! Fuckin' leave him alone in that town to die I don't even care anymore. Ponko can go live with her sister.

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