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Apparently even seasoned lesbian newlyweds can spontaneously forget how two girls have sex.

Fortunately she seems to have remembered quickly.

Thank you for this one, Aoi Ichigo.

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the title should be why this manga is so cute because this has whole lotta sweetness involved

joined May 2, 2018

The narration on page 3 sounds like something you hear in chapter 1.

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More like the reasons* why my girlfriend is cute

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you got me author
I smiled <3

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Ah, that was cute <3

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Happy ending Yuri is best Yuri.

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Bakappuru <3

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Why do I feel like im about to cry

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Well goddamn this oneshot is


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I am all about newlywed yuri, so I look forward to getting the rest of this anthology. More from this author would be greatly appreciated as well. Cute girlfriends/wives cuting cutely can never get old.

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This was sooooooo cute pls

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What a wonderful one shot! This magazine is goo! Keep em coming!

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This is cute, I had never considered a couple with a dry person and someone who likes to do stuff on her own a lot, that surely is something different, me likes!

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I saw cute in the title, so I had to read it.

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Absolutely adorable

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Awww so cute.

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I'm going to get a cavity from all the sugar this manga just fed me~

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I'm going to get a cavity from all the sugar this manga just fed me~

Same. That was just completely heartwarming.

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What a nice heartwarming story!

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Oh my aren't they the cutest.

I give them about a year.

JK :)

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Ahhh they got me I was reading this with a smile because they are CUTE!

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This was funny! they got all excited and horny after getting married and moving in with each other, like they're both a bit dry usually but some thing's spark the old flame in their long relationship "wait, this a big step in life its pretty exciting, and damn I forgot how how beautiful she is" horny intensifies. Very cute

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djkfhdldsh the WHOLESOME !! i feel like ive just been stabbed with a wholesome knife right through the heartttt <3

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