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Reaching orgasm through getting your foot licked. Now THAT is impressive.

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^ seconded

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I am not very familiar with the series (it's on my list, just gotta get around to it), but this pairing in particular has tons of great art and I like some of the author's other works, so I'm glad I checked this one out. Short, but sweet!

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Im not going to lie...feet stuff is gross until someone grabs them and suddenly you're 100% down for anything.

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just no.. this feet stuff is so wrong

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My foot fetish has now been sated~ (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

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That kiss probably tasted like shit lol

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That kiss probably tasted like shit lol

Right? never understood why people kiss one another after eating ass or sucking dick or something like that in these types of mangas because it doesn't really happen irl

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you are all weak

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now your breath smells like cheese :^)

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According to Andou, a noble's foot lewdly being licked by a peasant is perfectly normal. Man the French people I swear... that's kinda hot

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bruh imagine how musty her feet must be after all that training these ladies do... w h y

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The belief that feet are dirty is somewhat misguided. Any part of the body is dirty until cleaned. Ears, feet, even teeth.

Provided she took a shower before this I just find it hot.

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  1. She can be my podiatrist anytime! I won’t need second opinions...

  2. So that’s how you get foot and mouth disease!

  3. I’d rather have the nibble fish clean my feet instead of her.

  4. For foot lovers, does Victoria Secret sell socks? Maybe the sock has a hole for the big toe! Hell, I’ve got my own fashion line of Victoria Secret socks in my drawer!!

I’d like to thank the mangaka for giving me the inspiration for the previous punchlines.

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That kiss probably tasted like shit lol

Right? never understood why people kiss one another after sucking dick or something like that

Imo if you won't kiss someone who sucked you off you don't deserve to be in a relationship.

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all the feet made me think of ribbon warrior

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These comments xD

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Another AndouxOshida Doujin, another blissful day!

Also regarding people who wrote that this is gross. I read on different sites what things people would do to gross 3D women, things like they would lick their ass clean after shit or suck their farts directly from anus.

So i think this is pretty mild, and i bet Oshida soft feet taste like salted caramel so i would be honored and pleased to suck her small and cute toes.
(Also i would like to state that i don't have foot fetish.)

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These comments xD


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