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I want to know the age author... 25, 35, 45? ...either way i think we got a problem xD

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For a second I thought Eri was the niece and Marie the aunt, it even made sense except for the kiss.

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I'm confused

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For a second I thought Eri was the niece and Marie the aunt, it even made sense except for the kiss.

Same here. I was like "Why is the aunt talking about herself in the 3rd person?" Then i noticed the speech bubbles, but then the niece talks about herself in the third person and i got even more confused. Anyway, this was a cute bittersweet story.

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I'm confused

Page 1 technically comes 2nd to last chronologically, if that helps. The essence of the story is that Marie (13, darker hair) has a crush on her aunt, Eri (_5 (I’m guessing 25), lighter hair), o she has always been close with (Eri would sneak away from cooking lessons to play with Marie hem they were younger). Eri has recently met a guy who she seems pretty enamored with, and Marie picks up on that fact. Marie gets jealous and kisses Eri, ostensibly to leave the memory of that kiss with Eri (probably because she figures that the unnamed guy is going to “steal” Marie away from her). In reality, Marie likely wanted to have that memory of giving her first kiss to the woman she loves before it’s too late.

Hope that helps clear things up.

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O god what the fuck

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Ok, open final for a story that kind of touching. I can have a second part where we see another part of their story from Eri's point of view, so we can discover what is her plans and what is their situation.

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Dynasy reader is wierd today

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There's incest stories on here from 2003, it's nothing new. I feel like I've said this a few times, but I'm always surprised that all these years later people still click on stories with the incest tag, and go "oh god that's weird". Somethings in life never change I guess.

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Dammit, there's only so much my heart can take...

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Yuri crush though? I don't think the aunt has any idea what's going on.

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Mah hart mah sol

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…Welp, Nega's gonna Nega I guess. XD This is (relatively) more uplifting than most of her stories though. But still with that bittersweet touch.

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I'm placing my bets on 35

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