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I think this is most useless lesbians but I want moreeee

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  • throws chair out of window and screams into the night *

(Although real talk, this is the story of my whole love life lol, well minus the girl X girl part but yeah, too shyyyyyyyy)

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Ah, sure is useless in here today...

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Best credits page in bidness

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useless lesbians

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useless lesbians

this should be a tag already

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I was heartily laughing along with thee useless lesbians and was quite happy with the straight wingman move there but then it just ended there like motherfriggin what. NoOoooOooo! I need closure!!

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This reminds me of an old Lucky Star doujin that went exactly like this, but it was longer and more depressing. Don't remember the name though.

Hmmm is it on Dynasty?

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Useless lesbians

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we all have this type of situation but more like it's really one-sided
and also i have decided to never confess again coz the last time i did that it's not so pleasant

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Please just tell her, I beg of you....although I'm kinda doing that to my crush but...>.>'

now haven't we all gone thru this situation before

I made the mistake of "letting her know" in 9th grade. And I still bear the scars of that decision and its fallout more than twice that age later.

Yeah but none of your crushes looked 5 when they're a year younger than you

Lmao what

You'd be surprised by how young she looks when she's a year younger than me >.>

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useless lesbians

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so cuuute

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and i thought lesbians couldn't get any more useless.

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Yeah... in many cases, like people do tend to congregate together and, so, coincidentally, that "friend" you're crushing on might actually be gay or bi or pan or whatever... but, if you haven't gotten any vibes that they're into YOU... it's still dicey.

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AHHH I know it's the title but geez I want them to come out and say that they love each others

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"annoying, huh?"


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And just like this they get their graduation and won't see each other never ever again...

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useless lesbians

what is this call out post

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As much as how cute this situation, in real life usually one will go on and the rest will only be regret. Sorry sometime this kind of story make me anxiety again.

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well yk I told my crush I liked her and now I have one less friend so yk shit happens be careful kids

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god darn it :)

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D a m y

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yeah man i know , JUST TO SUFFER

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