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joined Apr 25, 2020

Oh no shit Youko is dead... unless Ogino Jun pull one of the famous mangaka tricks known as "violate your own rules" and finds a way to revive her...

Also has this been axed? I don't know why it feels a bit rushed and giving the small amount of chapters too... I don't know, thoughts?

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That's so fucked

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While I appreciate all the innovations this story has (in the yuri realm, that is), it's hard to get too invested because of excessive ecchi and lack of depth of the characters, laughable to a comical point, then again at least it's not another yuri school theme, just extreme poorly excuted.

joined Apr 4, 2021 really happened

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Time-skip soon?

joined Dec 20, 2018

Well, fuck...

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Me who shipped Yorino with the tsundere:
Oh no! Anyway...

joined Jul 15, 2016

Time-skip soon?

Or Yorino going ballistic and single-handedly wiping out the entire alternate dimension. I'd prefer that, if only for catharsis...

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Youko really reminds me of kisaragi Saya so I don't think she'll die just like that

joined Sep 23, 2020

Ngl although the boobs can be a little distracting cough*not that i hate it *cough some of the panels hitting me hard dem emotions man ;_;

The immaculate
joined Mar 19, 2020

Also maybe she’s pregnant? After we found out how she was born, I figured it’d be the other way around but since we’ve established it’s the mure that gets pregnant it’s even more likely right?

joined Mar 30, 2021

Ngl although the boobs can be a little distracting cough*not that i hate it *cough some of the panels hitting me hard dem emotions man ;_;

Indeed. Yorino being on that position all over again

joined Feb 11, 2013

great world-building but this is the most self-serving plot ive ever come across lmfaooo

joined Sep 10, 2014

OK, now I'm pissed. Not at the cliffhanger, but at the people who put Yorino through hell.

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I cant take it seriously with the balloon tits they dont even look sexy anymore its legit just ridiculous lol.

joined Dec 2, 2017

To be fair, being Ogino Jun's work you kinda get used to it. In the other hand, kinda sad how we can never have a yuri science babies family living happy, eh.

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So she "died" huh? I bet the scarf has something to do with eventually reviving the girl or something or maybe if she were pregnant somehow rules wouldn't apply in the same way.
Also I'm just reading this because of the author. I really loved Gamma, and still read it every now and then, but this one feels... weird. The characters going nowhere, the lore is kinda hard to get, the character design is borderline ridiculous with those huge tits (in Gamma they were also huge but not as much I guess? Also the story was much more interesting and that helped), and the drama and tragedy feels forced. The ero scenes are ok I think. I'm curious about how this is going to end but definitely this is not one of my favorites.

joined Mar 28, 2021

the tits are comically oversized

joined Apr 25, 2021

Looks like somebody just watched Levi vs beast titan

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Wish It'd take a bit longer for her to go mental, would be more satisfying. Moving way too fast imo

joined Apr 12, 2021

This is feeling rushed

joined Jun 5, 2016

I dunno about it being rushed with her going mental. I mean, she has been haunted by the death of her friend, and then being responsible for the death of other friends, and now the death of her lover, so yeah, I'd be pissed and a little unstable too if that all happened when I was like, what, like between 11 and 16ish?

And yes the balloon tiddies are ridiculous, I'd get behind the story a lot more if we didn't have those. -_-

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Pardon my language, but FUCK 'EM ALL UP! YORINO!

joined Sep 10, 2014

Yorino is PISSED!!!

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