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...the hell was that? :/

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this actually gave me hope about my pointless life :D

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Borderline-ridiculous melodrama, but ultimately . . . sweet and nice. I'm up for "sweet and nice" at the moment.

One thumb's-up.

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Somewhere, in a parallel universe, an otome game misses their "suddenly lesbian" villainess.

This comment wins!

That was is intense.

Yes, yes it was....

This isn't really "gay for pay". One of the characters is gay and works as lesbian prostitute. The other character is gay but works as a porn actress with men. If there was a "straight for pay" tag, then that would work, but "gay for pay" really doesn't apply to either of them.


this is a masterpiece

I agree... to both...

The plot twist at the end made me laugh.

Forced happy ending.

And I don't understand how it links back to a light fixture hanging from the ceiling

シャンデリア = Shanderia = Chandelier = The name of the women's only nightclub where Rika works. The "SHINJUKU" on the ad on this page:

is probably not the correct translation. Of course, I got this by putting the word "Chandelier" into Google Translate, so take it as you will. It is probably a loan word.

Or maybe Rika was going to hang herself from it? Too dark?

As for the "Forced happy ending"... it's only as happy as they make it. It's a forced NON-TRAGIC ending with, I presume, Rika leaving sex work, Sachie leaving the porn industry, and maybe having enough money to open that shop Rika talked about with her ex who stole ran off with her life savings. (If Sachie's life savings that she dumped on Rika for services rendered were sufficient, that is...) But living... most likely together...

The happy part is all on them.

oh no, didnt expect that. but that's a great dedication. :)

I totally agree. The dedication makes the manga. I don't care how cheesy or unrealistic the story is with its string of coincidental happenings from names (a dead porn star and prostitute both named Rika) to life circumstances (a prostitute whose ex stole her money and left her and her client, who is a porn star who only got into the business to chase after the girl she loved [talk about looking for love in all the wrong places!] and found out said girl was murdered, both wanting to commit suicide). The dedication made the feels hit home.

Wait, are they both dead...or...???

No, Sachie's friend Rika died. Our MC Rika saved Sachie just before she jumped in front of a train, technically in exchange for saving her from her own suicidal thoughts a little while before that.

I know that, but the last sentence implies something other than MC Rika wanted to die but changed her mind later on. I just feel like it implies that this is the same Rika or something like that.

I don't see any implication that this was the same Rika. It's not some sort of supernatural story about the ghost of Rika appearing as a prostitute to safe Sachie's life. If it was Rika-the-Porn-Star's ghost, Rika-the-Prostitute wouldn't need to look up the Rika-the-Porn-Star's information on the internet to see if she really looked like her before rushing off to save Sachie's life, would she?

It is an outrageous coincidence that a girl who is 8 years younger than Rika-the-Porn-Star who happens to have a similar physical appearance and goes by the same name (at least at the club... we don't know for sure that Rika is her real name... I mean... would you use your real name if you were working as a hooker?) and, due to crappy life circumstances, is working as a prostitute to make ends meet. If you look at the extra it shows them going to Rika-the-Porn-Star's funeral and lists their ages:

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Damn they just saved both their butts from suicide! ( sorry for the bad language but that how i feel and if would be wrong if i said it defer)

Moral of the story: suicide aint cool, yuri is cool.

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Huh. Wasn't expecting the ending, but don't dislike it. I like the ending line alot about not dying today, they're still suffering but they just want to survive one more day.

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This give me mixed feelings but it was nice

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the lesbian god said not today

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Awwww Nice.

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That was almost heart wrenching

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That was great. I have weird habit of dismissing nsfw stuff. Stories like this will likely help me get over that.

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This has to be one of the less realistic works I've read, that is not clearly fiction, that is. She just barely made it to prevent her from jumping, ok we can assume there is only one train station there, she really was lucky. The whole thing was sad, until it got slightly silly..but I liked it, the ending..well "I was dumped and she stole my money, the woman you fancied is dead, we must of course, build a very healthy relationship asap" ok fine xD

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this is a masterpiece

It kinda reads like a full-length Hollywood movie summarized in a 25-page manga, don't you think?

And with a big dramatic climactic action sequence at the end, too!

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That was is intense.

My exact words

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Omg... it was amazing! I really love the happy ending. I'm sure they will be happy with each other. ^^

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That went down hill so fast yet thank god the MC made it in time

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Those last pages gave me whiplash

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usually in these kinds of stories there's a montage where the hero races through the city to stop the person she loves from doing something bad, and against all odds, she makes it just in the nick of time. But I guess this way I can imagine she teleported by harnessing mystical gay energies or something

Wonder where the title comes from...

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I need to be honest, I thought this was gonna be a FRIENDS doujin at first.

Then I remembered how to read and was ever so slightly disappointed that I wasn't going to get to see what that would look like.

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This is a prime example of not judge a book by its cover. Man.. it's being a while since the last time I teared up so much over a manga on this site. I'm so fucking relieved Rika made it in time to catch her.

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Nice story but it really asks you to suspend some heroic doses of disbelief over all the blatant Contrived Coincidences...

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Wonder where the title comes from...

Was wondering the same thing too. The closest I can guess is this definition:

So a 'branched candlestick', two lights joined at the base, whose lights can be snuffed out at any moment.
Just me guessing

Whoops, while looking at chandelier which can be considered a 'hanging candelabra' I veered into that page instead.

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Damn, that was a roller coaster. How many huge reveals were there one after the other...

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