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Hmm it's been a while since someone thought it'd be good to actually follow thru and lovers suicide the gays

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Looking forward to this. Whatever it is.

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Wow, I saw this updated but didn't get to read it until now. Once I got to the last few pages, I felt a pit forming in my stomach as I realised what was going to happen to the both of them. I automatically assumed that Airi was still alive after Hinako stopped choking her and she was still breathing (although the breathing sfx was actually from Hinako) but that last scene cemented their deaths with each other. The kind of the ending that leaves your mouth wide open before you start contemplating about everything that has led up to this moment. That ending really did its job punching you in the gut as hard as possible

However, kind of sucks the threads with the other characters were not resolved (girl who was obsessed with other's dramas, the yandere eyeing her friend, both of which were set up in the previous chapter). Part of me thinks it ended like this as the author realised that this chapter would have to be the last chapter of the next volume release and probably felt they couldn't hold that new plotline for another whole volume while continuing and extending this one with Airi and Hinako, so possibly some short-sightedness on the author's part (with the amount of leading on the second last chapter did)? Just some musing about the abruptness of this ending.

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that was a pretty realistic ending,i'm sad that they died so early least i don't have to see them suffering anymore

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now i just wanna see glasses girl getting what she deserve >:(

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(Tried to hide the spoilers of this latest chapter, but things related to earlier chapters were kept unhidden.)

I love the ending, I just wish that we get some bonus chapters (set before the ending) that would detail on the Megane girl situation with Ichika & Yuu, and perhaps some epilogue with the reaction of everyone when they realize they passed away, though this ending feels as if the story ends with their deaths, so the reader also cannot know what happens after, which I like as well.

The ending gives me the feeling that they went to "another world" but perhaps it really was a quick dream-like situation of Hina right before she passes away. I suppose it depends on your views of the afterlife, hell, etc..

I thought Airi was still alive and was expecting her to get up, especially when she started calling out for Hina, but then the beach appeared.

I honestly didn't expect them to die, at most Airi or Hina doing something really major to one another, but not straight up death. So the ending felt surprising to me.

I do think the author could have fit more chapters before this one, going from the last chapter to this one does not feel right due to the conflict of Ichika & Megane-chan being set up but it was never brought up again. I enjoyed how the author actually made the background characters have a spotlight, and they could have used Ichika more.

What I'm trying to say is that I like the ending for the Airi & Hina side of the story, but Ichika & Megane-chan were left in the dust...

The real sad thing is an autopsy will reveal Airi was strangled, so eventually when they are found Hina is gonna take all the blame.

And the fact that she was the one who sent the text with her phone to her mother would suggest that she was keeping Airi detained. Megane-chan would probably also get into the mix and say some things that would further make everyone think that Hina was kidnapping Airi the whole time.

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Respect to the author for coming up with such a batshit insane story, I can't believe I read it all

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lmao if only they have money to pay for stuff then this stuff won't happen

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Well this was really hard to read. I really wish the outcome had been different, specially for hina, i hated so much how bad she was treated and i wanted some justice. Let’s hope the extra delivers the ending of the other side-story and gives hina some of the justice i want.

All in all, it was an amazing ride. Truly the dark souls of yuri. And with such a cute artstyle too!

I hope to see more from this author, it was truly something else.

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What the---
Such an ending... I'm not sure if this is planned or author just want to end it when it reached the point of no return.
That scene where Hina picks up Ai and said "Let's go Ai-chan" it kind of hit me with that same panel and the same line in Goodnight Punpun.

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Damn… thats really how it ends huh?

Cant say it was unexpected but bad endings like this just make me feel empty inside ;-; this manga rly was messed up.

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The color in those final moments really hit me. I’m speechless!

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It's artistic.

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That was a long and bumpy ride. I remember when I first started this series I thought it was too extreme for me so I stopped reading it. But then I continued with it out of a whim and when I reached the part were Airi's and Hina's roles were reversed, I got interested in it again. The way Hina's and Airi's behavior and thoughts changed drastically was very well delivered. It's one of those types of stories that makes you feel terrible after reading, but you still can't stop and want to know what happens next.

Well, I now need some wholesome yuri fluff to cure my soul again, but I still say this one is interesting in its portrayal of those unique characters. I never new what the characters would do next and that made this series so addictive.

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wow dark i can probably finish this tho but i got more things to do

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Ending felt rushed. Anyone else feel this? We don't get any closure on what happens to the wider world around them. I get that it was likely always coming to this, but it just kinda happened.

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I feel so bad for Hina. Why was it only her that has to take all the shit? Till the very end Airi is still the very same selfish person she was all the way. I mean come on, the bitch was even too coward to kill herself so it was Hina again has to do it for her
I would love to have someone as devoted to me as Hina to Airi.

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Damn I feel so empty

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Ha... Hahaha

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That was a pretty good ending. I think the last chapter was very well executed, and quite impactful. Unfortunately, I have to wonder if it was a little rushed. When there's a plotline established in the second-to-last chapter that just ends with no resolution, then really makes you think the serialization might've been cut with very little notice. Maybe it was always meant to end like that, but it feels a little off.

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literally broke my mental health great art

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honestly, i don't think anything else could've worked for an ending. that was one hell of a way to conclude it, that's for sure

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ahh, typical ending of Mono no aware, that’s beautiful

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